Chapter 1: The beginning of the beginning

In this world exists no time. No time at all. Only humans perceive time. There is no such thing as time. We live in all times if time existed and if time did not exist which it is the case then we would be living in something else. Something which isn't time in the list. We are living in a world of…


-Monday, 7:50 A.M.-

Yuzu was on her way to school as usual. Missed her bus due to waking up late. Got a stomach ache cause this morning's bread was out of the expiry period. Hands were numb due to her sleeping position. Messy hair. Tilted spectacles. Yup, that was Yuzu in the morning alright. Always as flip flopped as usual. She frankly did not mind it in the least, instead she always had this odd saying.

"If you can't get guys, why try?"

To be honest, Yuzu is a girl with extremely low self esteem when she interacts with guys. She comes two feet close to that other species and she starts clamming up like an oyster on a hotplate. Keeps quiet till they leave. A very odd girl indeed. Looks wise, she was actually a very pretty girl but just didn't know how to groom herself. As she had this odd saying as well.

"Why train beauty? When you can train muscles?"

Indeed. Yuzu is somewhat different from other girls. You know the ones that sit next to you and go like really quiet. You know, very shy and what not. Yea, she is that kind of girl in front of guys. But when she is in front of girls. It's a whole different story.

"You better not mess with me, or my fist is going to be in your mouth. And I will shove it down your throat till you forget your own name! Bitch!"

And that is why she is known as 'Za Crazeh Ass Madarah!' in the school. She is a force to be dealt with. She hardly has any friends at all and frankly her only friend was the guard dog in school. They greet each other like great pals every morning once they both meet at the gate. And to tell the truth, she is just passing by the gate.

"Morning, friggin ugly piece a shit."

"ROWR! RAAAOOORR! RARRR! RAWWRR!" (Translation: Screw you! At least I'm not as ugly as you!)

And so with the morning ritual over she walks into the school and goes around towards her class. She walked and walked and walked. All the way until she reached Block A, third floor. Class 3A. There, like every other morning, she would open the door. And as she did that, on that particular day. She saw something. Something so incredible. It was like an angel had landed right before her feet.

"Morning, Yuzu."

At this very moment, Yuzu froze. Couldn't move, couldn't speak. It was her primary school lead up to secondary school crush. Kenta Moriya. The boy with the highest grades in class. She could not respond. After a few seconds of encasement in ice, she just walked pass him, ignoring whatever Kenta had just said.

"I can't say anything. If I did, I am screwed! My disguise of being a goody two shoes will disappear forever."

Kenta, the four eyed boy with a height of 177. A matured look and flawless skin on his face. Lips that were as pink like cotton candy. Hair that were like elegant vines, neatly combed to the side. He was quite the looker to tell the truth. Quite a few girls had crushes on him, he had received many propositions but all was turned down. Some were even done by guys and it just left him sick for a while. In any case, you get the idea. Kenta was a sophisticated and talented student. Not only that but he had a full package with excellent looks. However, one thing is for sure. Kenta might be the smartest smart ass in the whole class, but he is one of the purest and densest boy ever. He believes in almost everything people say around him and he always does whatever others tell him to do. In other words, he is a total blur bee.

Compared to Yuzu however, they were really opposites. Yuzu had a height of 170. Long, rugged and messy blonde hair. All tied up by a huge black knot at the back of her head with some bangs in the front to cover her wide forehead of course. Her arms were wrapped in bandages like in Muay Thai competitions. Her eyes were large, nose was sharp. Her mouth was somewhat always turned downwards in a frown. Her teeth were somewhat slightly jagged. But if she just shut her mouth and changed her hair, she would look a whole lot different. I mean, the bandage would seem weird but hey any girl or guy could get their hands extremely fractured or something right? Something to note too is that Yuzu, is the last. No, not last in class, last in her entire grade. Seven times in a row! And still counting! But one thing she is good at, is knowing what others are thinking without even listening to them. She had the powers of face reading! In other words, they were opposites. Enough said.

And so, she took her seat and then looked around class. Kenta had already taken his seat too. Some girls were gathering around him. They were chatting away and Kenta seemed amused from whatever that they were talking about. She felt her chest become tight. The brightly lit classroom wasn't helping her in calming her nerves down. The whiteboard in front reflected light all over and the people around her was all cherry and what not. The total opposite of her mood right then. And she couldn't stand such a mood. She just couldn't. She felt like she was going to explode. The teacher walked in and the class got quiet. The lesson started.

And with that, Yuzu just lay down on her table and began to wander off into dream land. Where her fantasies would come true. Where Kenta would be her knight in shining armor. Where she would be the damsel in distress. And while in her day dream. She felt something. Something very odd.

"You got mail!"

It sounded familiar. Way too familiar. She quickly got up. Everyone had their heads turned to her. The noise was coming from her bag. The teacher, Miss Takashima walked over.

"Hand it over, Yuzu."

"But I wasn't even playing it!"

"Hand it over."

And so, she took up her bag. Rummaged through it and produced a PSP. The teacher took hold of it and confiscated it.

But just before then she had entered the message. Yuzu got a glimpse of the title.


"Can I have it back for a moment please?" Yuzu was curious about the message and she wanted to get a hold of it first. Quickly, her right hand tried to grasp the controller. The class started to go wild when suddenly Miss Takashima fell to the ground.

"Mail accepted!"Another electronic voiced buzzed away. Yuzu took a look at her PSP and there was a loading bar. On top of it was the name 'ClockWorks' and it seemed to be connecting to the internet. Whatever it was, she had just accepted to download it.

"Ah well…"

She took one last glimpse of it before giving it back to Miss Takashima. Another message popped up. It read.

"Welcome to ClockWorks! Would you like to save the time frame you are in now?"

It felt slightly odd but she just pressed 'X' and gave it to Miss Takashima. Little did she know that from a far, somebody was watching. A certain somebody who wore a black hood. A certain somebody who knew everything about what was going on.

"Looks like I have a new master. Ah well, time for work now. Oops! I forgot! …

…Time doesn't exist."

-Time Frame: [9:34 A.M. * Monday * June 26] - "Saved!"