I torture myself every day,
torturing myself in every way.
Then the pain comes, I laugh and smile.
I know it will be here for a while.

The pain is what makes me okay.
I'm naughty, so I have to pay.
Pay for all the mistakes I've made,
pay for them usually using the blade.

I have a new way that's so much fun,
and it doesn't involve watching my blood run.
This way involves my skin and fire,
leaving marks I really admire.

I take the lighter and let myself burn,
a pain in which I always yearn.
This pain lasts long and I like it,
so much, I don't think I'll ever quit.

If I had a bad day, I go to the lighter
and I give in, because I'm no fighter.
I scream and I cry, but the pain is so good.
I need to stop, I know I should.

But instead, I burn myself more.
My pain tolerance isn't poor.
I love ruining myself, it's just what I do.
If you're hurting, you should try it, too.

The fire is so pretty, it's quite nice.
But, it does come with a price.
If you try it, you'll have the proof,
then everyone will know the truth.

You burn, you cut, you even get high.
Those are all signs of wanting to die.
You're not as strong as you come off to be,
you're not strong, weak, like me.

I'm weak, so I've been told.
But I'm just... not that bold.
I won't lift my sleeves and show my pride,
no, this is something I need to hide.

I've told what I need to tell,
something most of you know very well.
I'm fucked up, no surprise,
but not many can see through my disguise.