Chapter 2 of the forbidden forest

When she arrived home late that night, as she had suspected, Lyanna was neither questioned nor noticed. He mother and father had already gone to bed, which left Lyanna to fix herself something to eat. The day in the woods had left her abnormally drained and she was starving. After wolfing down two cans of ravioli, Lyanna headed to bed.

She went t bed that night thinking of the strange encounter she had had with the boy, Collin. Images of his startling blue eyes filled her head. So much so that she couldn't sleep. She lie awake for hours thinking about him. Finally she decided to get up and draw. She drew him almost exactly the way she pictured him; Long black hair slightly curling at the base of his neck. The small bump at the bridge of his nose, as if it had once been broken. Yet there was something about his eyes she couldn't manage to capture. She couldn't capture everything she had seen in them. All that intensity, that fear, that sadness, that love. Was it love she saw? Yet for whom could it have been? She knew not.

Admitting defeat, Lyanna crawled back into her bed, picturing those intense blue eyes all the while. Yet as she drifted off to sleep, the last thought on her mind was that of the house Collin had forbidden her to enter.

Lyanna dreamt that night of running through the woods, under cover of darkness. She knew not why she was running, only that she had to get away. Blue eyes greeted her in the darkness, making her stop dead in her tracks. "Collin?" Yet as she utters his name the once beautiful blue eyes turn blood red. A woman's voice whispers in her head, seeming to come from all directions. Soft and sweet, the voice beckons to her. "Come. Come to me my Lyanna. I can protect you. Keep you safe. I can give you what you want. What you desire in your darkest of dreams."

A brief image of the boy flashes before her eyes. "Collin," she says, almost longingly. Yet she hardly knew him. Why did she feel so drawn to a boy she had only just met? "Yes. I can give him to you. You can be with him, with me, with all of us." "Us?" "Yes Lyanna. Others like you who wanted an escape from humanity and dull lives. I gave them what they wanted, just like I can give you what you want. We are waiting for you Lyanna. All you have to do is step inside my house." Just in front of Lyanna lay the house. She walks toward it, placing her hand on the doorknob. As she does Collins voice screams in her head, "NO!"

Lyanna awakens with a start, in a cold sweat, the sun just rising on the horizon. She could still hear the strange voice inside her head, calling to her, beckoning her toward the house. Yet something disturbed her. Why would Collin not want her near that house? She knows he is hiding something, and today was the day she would find out what.