The Job

I judged you long before,
In your head, have no thought.

Jaded Eyes, by Hot Water Music

Jade is what I am called. It has been so long, I do not even know my real name. Kitty just started calling me Jade because 'my eyes are so pretty.' I am tall, not at all unusual for people in my profession. I have chocolate brown hair, and green eyes. Scarlett says that it compliments my cream skin, which is usually marred by bruises. My clothes are all revealing; low tops, tight leather pants, and high heel boots. My makeup dark, sexy, and intriguing. Not easily messed up, mind you. My hair is short, looking kind of like John Conner's hair. Good God, that movie has been my favorite since Scarlett showed it to me.

What is my profession, you ask? I am a prostitute, residing at Kitty-Kat's Brothel. I am one of the two men that reside at this brothel. All together, there are eighteen young women residing here. Kitty likes to refer to all of us as her children. She is the only one who is not spreading her legs to the disgusting cretins that make their way through our home and our bodies, so she feels a need to take care of us all.

I work at the BDSM Chamber, along with my best friend Scarlett and her lover Mia. We see all sorts of people; celebrities, teachers, doctors, and authors. But never before have I seen a man such as the one who next came through our door, the fallen angel with the Jaded Eyes.

Okay, here's the prologue! To tell you the truth, I have never even heard the song Jaded Eyes. I found the lyrics and instantly took a liking to them. I will post the first chapter to Saving Chelsea soon. Take my poll and choose which one you would like me to do first! Read and Review!