*sigh* today, I plan on giving this story a shot. It will, like Lisana, be accepting bios, and it will be connected with Lisana as well as my 13 chosen series (I NEED to get done with Miracle.!)

I don't own the songs, unless I say otherwise.

Oh, the connection you ask? Well, you'll just have to find out won't you?

Setting: depends on world your in. Earth-modern- Lisana-uhm. like a steam-punk kinda setting. but not really-.. Moradin- more medieval then the rest, and we love pirates, don't we?- Jesi-modern, almost futuristic-

sorry those are the only ones you can chose from.

Also, someone explain to me the whole situation with Morgan Le'fay, and the King ( can't remember his name right now….T.T) I still don't understand it… somewhat, but not entirely. I will love you forever if you are able to help me.

AND LISTEN TO THE SPACE NERD. Lunar eclipses are SAFE to look at with a naked eye. Though not many take pleasure in looking at red moons…. Don't argue with me, I'm right.

The city was quiet at this hour,-the only hour no car zipped by, or dogs barked or people walked by running some errand.- the only time Chicago was silent. and she wanted to find out why, the red moon glowed in the sky, to be sure. but there was nothing scary about a eclipse.

The girl was silent in the dimly lighted city. As she watched in awe as the moon turned to a copper color. Most stayed inside, and she was told to do the same. However, being at the rebellious age where you don't do as told she found it fit to leave and watch the sky. The time was slowly going by, and to moon went back to its old self. The girl said good bye, to it, calling it Mother Luna and went back inside.

And it was then she learned not to trust red moons.

She was- in one word- pirate. She looted ports and killed with no remorse. She practically live in the sea, and it was odd for her kind. She was a controller of fire, a pyrokenitic. Most think fire-people do not like water. They were wrong though. She had her attitude that seemed annoying to others. Little Hiroka acted out of her mind sometimes, but was a likable pirate… if such a saying were possible to say with any truth to it.

She floated aboard the great Maelstrom the fastest ship on the Great Kin-red Sea. Hiroka, the successor to the Royalty of the pirates, of which all but she was hanged.

Being a pyro and being the the Queen of Pirates, was a lot of pressure on her shoulders. Most saw her unfitting as the queen, and several attempts have been made on her life. None of which succeeded, obviously.

"more rum, more rum, more rum for the pirates.." she half sung half hummed the song to herself as she washed the decks of the Maelstrom. even though she was the Queen of Pirates, she was not allowed just to sit around doing nothing all day. "15 men on the dead mans chest..." she dipped the scrub brush back into the pail of water and stood up, brushing herself off as she did so. "Drink and the devil had done for the rest, Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum." she looked out at the blue sea her voice coming to a slow stop. she was always caught with a smile as the sea-breeze brushed against her tanned face, to feel her short dark hair be blown off her shoulders, she would always unravel the head sash she wore on her head, and it was only then she looked timid-though she wasn't, and only a fool would think she was-

"Hiroka.. get in 'ere, lass." the shabby looking captain said, tumbling over himself as he was drunk. Hiroka hesitated, not wanting to leave this place, however she decided it was time for her to go inside for some rest.


Now. bios.. alright, you have several options, with a story like this, I would not deprive my readers of joining in and having fun. you can make as many OCs as you like, the more the merrier. If you submitted a character for Lisana, please do not re-submit the same character you used for that. They will be used, I promise. You CAN however submit new characters, if you wish. That would be helpful.

well, first decide which world you are from. now, I limited the worlds you could chose -for the sake of not spoiling any of the plot- you can chose from the following, Earth, Lisana,Moradin, and Jesi(which I originally wanted to call Jedi, then I relized that would be a rip off of star wars _-_)

Earth:Human, Half Maiyan

Lisana:same as Journey Into Lisana.

Moradin: Elf, Dwarf, Half-elf, Maiyan, fairy*, Kalbel, Kira'li, Vampire*

Jesi: Goblin, Elf, Human, Dwarf, Kira'li**

now, are you a Pirate, monk, priest, citizen, or noble? (sorry, you can't be royal blood. for story reasons)

are we all set? okay!

*can't be monks or Nobles.

**Kira'li are water-like humanoids, they are slow on land and don't wander unless they have to. they are usually a pale blue color and their eye color is the same as their hair-blue,green, violet, or velvet.

Bio sheet:

name: I need your OCs FULL name, which means first, middle, last, and nicknames in that order, please.

Age:(if monk, please go 17-89)

gender: fairies, please skip, you are all female.

weapon of choice: (or what you can wield.-or can you wield a weapon at all? )

job occupation: monks and priests, please skip.

sexual occupation: monks please skip, fairies please skip.

what kind of town do you live in?: big city, small city, town, village, camp, ect.


how do you feel about Pirates?:

how do you feel of vampires?:

how do you feel about the royal family of Oblivion(you don't have to answer this question until later. just keep it for later)

height: Goblin are usually 3'11" feet Kira'li are usually 7'4" feet and fairies range from a half inch to 16 feet.

weight: this is optional

birthday: include zodiac. exclude year. (month, day, zodiac)

eye color:

hair color:

skin color: pale, tan, dark, ect.

what type of clothing do you like to wear? whats your style?:

likes of music?:

likes of art?:

if pirate, what ship do you float aboard? Maelstrom, beacon, Redswan, Northwind, Southwind, The Blood Wings, or the Virus?

if Vampire, which house do you serve?: Maurikin, Ţepeş or Miral.