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"The Kingdom of Oblivion- the Gate to Heaven, the Gate to Hell. the Day of Judgement.- the Kingdom of Oblivion. The home of spirits of the elements, and the spirits of Life and Death, Day and Night, Dark and Light, Love and Hate. The children of the spirits, which gave birth to the Fairies.

When what is now Chicago was used as the battlefield of the Great Battle of Oblivion, Kingdom was torn in half, the Thunder spirit, Erica, took Mai's Soul and turned it against her companions. Erica used Mai in order to take the Jewel of Oblivion and destroy it. to cause Chaos and disorder, so she and the man named Akira could take control of the worlds. However, her plan did not go as expected. she was confronted with the Earth Spirit, Lisana, who ended up giving her life to stop Erica and Akira. Erica was captured and held inside the Gate of Severity, she was no longer able to use her power. It was at first planed for Akira to be executed, but, because of Mai's begging, it was decided not to be..

Akira was instead locked up, and fed once every three days.

The other Spirits then pleaded of the Great God to make a planet. A planet that would be named Lisana, in remembrance of the kind Earth spirit."

It was an old Maiyan legend, it was almost forgotten, only the elderly remembered it, and only vaguely. By the next generation, the tale would be lost in the depths of history.

Marie Littlebird was a girl. She was a very smart girl, and very, very sassy, but at the same time, trustful. And it was that trust that gave her freedom to roam around the large city of Chicago all on her lonesome. She was neither tall nor short, fat nor skinny, ugly or pretty. She had short Brown hair and blue eyes. She looked Ordinary. Most at her school never would suspect her if something went wrong, though most times she was the one doing it. She loved confusing the teachers and making them turn red with frustration.

She was, in fact not ordinary. she had a blood line of royalty connected to King Arthur, though she of course kept that a secret. No one knew but her and her father.

And it was THAT alone, that made her feel confidant and a bit over cocky, it made her special, in her own why. The best part was no one else knew. It was her secret. and she loved it. She loved more than anything in the world.

It seemed just as the woman was getting some rest the captain and rudely shook her. Motioning her to get up and follow him. Hiroka was barely wearing any clothes, and the captain bluntly stared at her nakedness, until the Queen smacked him across his mouth. He did not take personal offence, he was to drunk even for that. Instead he rushed up on deck calling her to follow.

"Get over 'ere, 'n take a look at this!" the scrawny pirate called out to Hiroka who walked over a peered stared in the same direction he was.

"what is it?" she asked blandly.

"that ship there, that is." he stopped to chug at his Rum then continued. "Ain't part 'o these seas," he squinted at the mass of the faraway ship. "Not even built the same." He spat at the ground, "Well, Lass, what do ya do? Sit n' stare?"

"No... Call all men on deck, lets get a better view of that thing." She turned leaving the captain to do his work. Soon the crew was up, and muttering, curses and other noises were being heard-some very unpleasant- even so when they saw the ship they were silent... for what they saw was either a blessing from God that the ship was a hostile, or a curse that was warning the Pirates to stay away.

( www. youtube watch?v=EyAK6lywxvk )

It was sudden, no one would have expected it, the large mass caught fire, no one knew what caused it or how it happened. Everyone guessed it was by God's Will that made it catch aflame.. A strange emotion flared inside Hiroka, one that she never felt, nor will ever feel again. She felt remorse and pity of the other ship and the ones on board. She felt almost as if there was something or someone aboard that ship that she was looking for. Though she at first wanted to say it was just a ton of loot that made her upset. The ship did look like a cargo ship-to her at least- but not really.

then off the little bits of wood that floated out to sea as the ship was breaking apart, A little boy came floating toward the ship. He was asleep-or he passed out from the smoke- he had soft blonde curls on his head. and was as pale as a ghost. On any normal day Hiroka would've left him. But he was different, he looked no older than 7 or 8, and he would obviously die. It was strange for her to care, but she did. She made the order quiet, but firm.

"Get him out of the Water, men."

she was given several confused looks.

"ye heard me, Man Overboard! get him out!" she then turned and left. hearing the shout outside, telling one another to get the lines to pull him up. The Queen went under to get herself a bottle of either ale or rum, she wanted to clear her head. it was to soon she realized that they were in cursed water. Being a Pirate herself she wouldn't have said that. But as seeing the ship just suddenly catch flame, she knew there was more to the story that just fireball of the cannons.

But then she didn't Realize this little boy would change her life completely.

She wouldn't realize that the small boy, who she would name Survivor, would be the man who could bring them to other worlds. she would not yet know he was a part of the Kingdom Of Oblivion, a kingdom which she did not believe exist.

But even so... she already knew that the boy was not normal.

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