Copyright 2012 Samantha Reyes

This is my story, all of my original ideas, and I have the rights to this story that I came up with.

"You are absolutely beautiful, babe," he said. I looked into his brown glowing eyes. We were on top of his car; admiring the stars and the beautiful night.

"Thank you. You have no idea how much that means to me coming from you, sweetie," I replied. He reached over and grabbed my hand. His hand was warm. A smile had crept up on my face. He got on top of me and began kissing me. He supported all his weight with his arms, making sure he didn't hurt me in any way. I had smiled. I opened my eyes. The memory faded. No, Parker was mine. Tears slipped down my cheeks. Another memory came in. I walked into the pizza parlor ready to begin my day of work.

"Hey, Chuck," I said to my boss.

"Morning, Hailey. Hey, I saw your boyfriend's car out back. Did he know you had a surprise shift today?" I shook my head. Why was he here? "Maybe, he found out and came to visit you." I walked out the back door and walked up to the car. It was his BMW. I could tell by the license plate. I looked into the window and put my hand over my mouth. I tried not to make a sound. There was Parker making out with my best friend, Annabelle. Tears wanted to escape. Normally, someone would walk away but I knocked on the window. Stay strong, I told myself. Stay strong. Annabelle and Parker gazed up at me in horror. They both rushed out of the car.

"It's not what it looks like, Hailey," Annabelle said as Parker remained speechless. I laughed at the cliché line.

"Really? So you weren't just making out with my boyfriend?" I scoffed. "My bad. I mean my ex-boyfriend. You can have him Annabelle. Have my sloppy seconds and as for you Parker, I have no words for you. I'd expect this from Annabelle because she's a slut," I added. I gave Annabelle a menacing look. "But I never expected something like this from you. Screw you and don't ever try to come back to me. Ever. Understood!" I was yelling at this point. Parker opened his mouth and began to come towards me. I walked away and back into the pizza parlor. I had stayed strong but as soon as I got inside, I locked all the doors.

"So was Parker there," Chuck asked. I nodded and tears burst out of my eyes.

"Parker cheated on me with my best friend. 3 years down the garbage," I sobbed. I couldn't breathe anymore.

"Go home. I'll take care of everything here. Go home," Chuck said. I ran out of the pizza parlor, got into my car, and drove home. I cried for days. That was the beginning of my summer. I took in my surroundings now as I wiped away a few tears that rolled down my cheek. Parker would want me. Annabelle and him had tried to contact me all summer but I never picked up. I actually disconnected from everyone. I was gone all summer after that, I was in France with my aunt and uncle. I had just gotten back in time for my senior year to begin. I was doing some renovating before the school year started. I would make Parker regret ever cheating on me. I still haven't looked at my social network: Japer.' It was the number one social network internationally. I looked down at my lime green blackberry. 2 missed calls from: Parker.' I groaned. Have they not gotten tired of calling all summer! My hairstylist began blow drying my hair. My phone rang again. Annabelle. I pressed the green button.

"What," I hissed.

"Finally! I've been trying to call you all summer! I mean Parker and me-," she began.

"Don't call me anymore. I would've thought you got the message. Don't call. Understand? By the way, maybe I have to spell it out for you. We're no longer best friends. Okay? Ciao, skank," I said; interrupting her and hanging up. My phone rang again. Oh my god. They didn't get the message. I don't want to talk to them. I looked at the caller ID: Parker.'

"Parker, I really don't want to talk to you. Leave me alone!"

"Please, Hailey. Hear me out. Yeah, I had fun with Annabelle over the summer but it was only to really-," he began. I hung up and shut off my phone.

"VoilĂ , beautiful. Magnifique," my hairstylist said. He turned around my chair and I looked at myself. Wow, I couldn't recognize myself. My blonde hair was no more. Brown hair with honey blonde highlights and it was up to my shoulders, no longer mid-torso. I also had side bangs now. I paid and ran out. I just had one day to get everything rid of before school started tomorrow. I ended up getting my nails done, my eyebrows done, and went on a huge shopping spree with my mom's credit card. By the time I finished everything, it was 9:14 p.m. I got in my car and got something to eat. After I finally got home, I threw out all my clothes, replaced everything with my new things in my new room. My mom switched rooms with me and bought me new furniture and paint when I got back from France. My little sister still had her same room. I finally crashed. Beep! Beep! Beep! My alarm began beeping and I pressed the snooze button. New school year. New me. I showered and I put on a white, strapless shirt, black skirt above the knees, black heels, jewelry, and all the extra things.

"Morning, honey. Breakfast?"

"No, mom. Have to get to school. I'm already late if I don't leave now. Bye," I said, grabbing my tote and running to my Nissan Altima. The weather was still warm. It was always warm so I didn't have to worry about a jacket. I arrived at school and went to my locker. Perfect timing, 5 minutes to hang around before homeroom. I really should sneak a look at my Japer. . . I took out my blackberry and finally turned it on. 50 missed calls from Annabelle and Parker. Are you kidding me? I felt awkward because I felt stares. Oh, right. New me.

"Are you new because you are looking sexy," a guy whispered into my ear. He pressed me against him. The guys at my school were such pervs. I turned around to see a senior guy, Parker's best friend, Jake. Well this should be fun. . . I bit my lip. My flirting instincts kicked in.

"Hey, Jake," I said, smiling. His eyes widened.

"Hailey! I am so sorry.. I didn't mean to. I know you're still not over P-," he started. I pressed my finger on his lips.

"We don't speak of ugly things, Jake," I said. I put my finger down and whispered into his ear, "Call me." He walked away confused and shocked. Mission accomplished. In order to get back at Parker, I had to make Jake fall in love with me. This should be fun. I looked into my locker. There were pictures of Parker and me then of Annabelle and me. I pulled them all down and replaced them with pictures of the improved me. I made a mental note to burn the Parker and Annabelle pictures later. Perfect. I looked down at my phone and at my Japer. 100 new notifications. 40 new messages. I looked at the new notifications, they were all people saying sorry for hearing about Parker and me breaking up. The 40 new messages were also from people asking what happened. There were also a lot of posts from Parker and Annabelle apologizing. I clicked on Parker's Japer and then at all his pictures. They were all of Annabelle and him. Obviously, our breaking up had no effect on him. I clicked on Annabelle's Japer. Her relationship status was: in a relationship with Parker Santos.' I scoffed.

"Hey, beautiful," another guy said, looking me up and down. I looked up from my phone and I looked around the hall. All eyes were on me. They were all surprised by my new look and they wanted to see me burst out crying for Parker. I scoffed again. As if. I went back to my Japer and put up a new picture of me. I had taken down all the pictures that included Annabelle or Parker yesterday. Another guy passed by and glided his hands against my legs.

"Get off of me, you perv," I exclaimed. Other guys just passed by and began checking me out. I made sure that my locker was perfect. I closed it and saw Parker standing right there. I rolled my eyes and began walking away.

"Hailey? Wow, you look amazing and not you. Hailey, can we please talk in private," Parker whispered.

"NO! GET AWAY FROM ME! GET THE MESSAGE! WE DON'T GO OUT ANYMORE. GO SPEND SOME TIME WITH YOUR WHORE, ANNABELLE," I yelled. That attracted a lot of eyes. Everyone was anxious to see what would happen between us. Parker turned me around and took a firm grip of me. He kissed me abruptly. What was he doing? He goes out with Annabelle. He couldn't take much more of the slut. He parted from me.

"Go out with me. I'll break up with Annabelle once you say yes. I can't be single. That's the only reason I don't break up with her. Tell me yes and I'll do it right away," he whispered. I laughed as his grip released me. I stood back and looked at him. I made my face as nice as possible.

"Parker, you know what," I asked in a soft voice.

"What," he asked, smiling.

"Go to hell," I yelled and slapped him as hard as I could. "Don't touch me and especially, don't kiss me," I yelled even louder. I got to my homeroom just in time as the bell rang. Jake was waiting for me in there.. His pupils danced in his pool of blue eyes. His brown hair was adorable on him and fit him perfectly. He was muscular, tan, and he basically looked like he just walked off of a Calvin Klein photo shoot. He dressed exquisitely. He was absolutely gorgeous. He was intriguing. I bit my lip. Jake was going to be mine. I had to get back at Parker where it hurt the most. I would slowly damage Parker's life from the inside to the outside. Being with him for 3 years had its advantages. I knew all of his secrets; now it depended on how I used them.

"Hey, Jake. You're looking fine today," I said. That has to be the corniest line I have said in all my life.

"You look sexy with your new look. Your hair looks pretty but for once, you emphasize your body. I have to say that you have a rocking body. But I can't do anything about it because you're Parker's property and I don't do sloppy seconds." Crap, Jake was going to be harder to crack than I thought.

"You're funny. You know you'd do anything to be with me at least once," I said, emphasizing my legs at the moment. He bit his lip and looked up at my eyes.

"Babe, you don't know who you're dealing with," he smirked.

"You underestimate my abilities, Jake," I replied, smiling. Jake was a really close friend so he knows what I'm like. Now I just need to make him want me.

"Parker wants you. I'm not going to hurt my best friend."

"Even if he was the one that cheated on me? Really, Jake?" It hurt to say that. Jake wrapped me into a hug. "Don't pity me. I'm not sad. He can go screw himself along with his girlfriend," I continued.

"Annabelle kissed him!" I laughed.

"And because she kissed him, he had to kiss back, right? No. Guess what, I'm yours. You're in control now," I babbled. That's what guys wanted to hear. I was going to get Jake one way or another.

"Miss first period," he stated. I looked down at the schedule sitting at my desk.

"Health," we said at the same time. We smiled at each other. I know that Jake has wanted me since freshman year but stepped aside for Parker who was shy at the time. Now he was the big shot quarterback for our football team. Now that Parker and I were over and I have my make over, Jake could try his moves. The bell that indicated that homeroom was done. Jake time. He grabbed my hand and guided me to a secret room on the 1st floor. I've never seen this room. I looked around in awe. It was a beautiful room.

"What is this room," I asked.

"It's the secret room that coach gives to the football team as a privilege. He doesn't want us to get caught in the hall making out with the pretty or sexy girls."

"Really? Why did Parker never bring me here?"

"'Cause he doesn't know what a sexy person looks like. That's why he ended up with someone as ugly as Annabelle." I set down my tote on some furniture. Why was I mentioning Parker? He should be the last thing on my mind right now.

"Can the coach even do something like that? Can't he get in trouble?" Why was I spending my time talking?

"No. He has his ways around the principal. So, what about me controlling you," Jake asked, getting closer to me. He wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me closer. He took one hand and pulled my chin up to look at him. I wrapped my arms around Jake's neck. He kissed me slowly at first. He had one hand around my waist and had the other hand clawed into my leg. That was uncomfortable. His kissing got more rapid and harder. We got some air while he softly kissed my neck.

"Wrap your legs around me so I can carry you to the counter," he mumbled while he continued kissing my neck. I did as I was told. He carried me to the counter and dug his nails into my legs. He began pressing his lips again mine then began being more romantic with his kisses. Finally, I got to his heart and he actually likes me. He now didn't like me only for my body. The bell rang and he groaned. I was relieved. Things were moving way too fast between us. We had to sneak out and make it to English. He grabbed my hand and we walked hand in hand through the halls. I had no idea what we had now. We passed by Annabelle and Parker. Parker's jaw dropped and Annabelle walked up to me.

"Hailey? Wow. You look so different and beautiful. Wow, you and Jake? Guess that everything worked out for the best," Annabelle said, cheerily.

"Why are you talking to me," I asked in disgust. I felt Jake tense up next to me.

"Why are you still mad? You have Jake now," she replied.

"Yeah, what are you going to do now? Are you going to steal him from me too," I asked.

"But Hail-," she started.

"Annabelle, you're a stupid piece of trash that doesn't know how to act. You should've never taken her boyfriend but guess what, she's better off without him. Stop taking her sloppy seconds. Get away and get the message," Jake inserted. Parker laughed and walked up to us.

"You want to talk about sloppy seconds? You took mine, bro," Parker said.

"Nah, man. This ain't between us. It's between the girls and hey, if Hailey wants me now then deal with it," Jake said. Parker got defensive and pushed Jake. This got Jake to react and he threw the first, good punch. I got him away. I looked into his eyes.

"Baby, he's not worth it. Let's go," I said, pulling him along to our AP stats class. He was really worked up. We got into class and sat right next to each other. So I had scored Jake. Check. Now to become friends with one of the most vengeful people that I know and come up with a plan to destroy Parker. That person was one of my friends who I kept at a distance. I looked around to see if she was in this class. She was. Actually, she sat right behind me. 'Hey, I need you to help me get back at Parker. And when I mean get back, I mean to get back well' I wrote on a note and passed it to her. A few minutes later, I got a reply. 'Meet me after school. We'll talk then. You know where to find me.' I smiled. This was going to fall perfect. There's nothing better than revenge. I ripped up the note and put it in a pocket in my tote to throw out later. The day bored on but with Jake at my side which made my day all the better. The end of the day came and I walked to Quinn's locker.

"Babe, where are we going," Jake asked.

"I have to meet you later. I have to take care of some girl stuff. Alright, I'll text you where to meet up later," I answered. I saw Quinn and she looked back at me.

"Is the new look to get back at Parker? That's not all. Your looks, Jake, Annabelle, spot as a line backer, and family life. Oh yeah, one secret that'll get him where it really hurts like deep stuff. If he's on steroids, done drugs, doesn't eat, throws up, self harms, now is the moment to speak up on Japer. Step by step. But you have to hit hard. With that last step, his life is miserable. You then walk in and bam, he realizes that he desperately needs you. With you in his life, his life was amazing." We came up with a plan and calculated everything. Quinn was great at plotting revenge. All this would take 2-3 weeks but I was going to have fun with this.

"Thanks, Quinn. I owe you one." I smiled a bit and walked to my car. Step 1: Making myself more attractive to the standards of my school. I pulled out of the school parking lot and called Jake.