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XxSaMMiExX06's best friend here. My name is RachaelFaye, and I also have stories on this wonderful site we all know and love(:

Another thing we all know and love is this story right here, Imperfect. Did y'all like the ending? Sammie is quite creative, wouldn't you agree?(: Sammie (as well as myself) is so pleased with the number of views this story has gotten! She hopes y'all have enjoyed Hailey's journey.

Since y'all love Sammie's writing and creativity so much, would y'all mind reading her new story? It is wonderful! And it would mean the world to my dear best friend(:

Her story is called Beauty Isn't Everything.

This is what is on the summary area: Everyone thinks that because someone is beautiful, they mustn't have any problems. That's not Annamarie's case. See how her life story is and realize that beauty isn't everything. Rated M for minor cursing and detailed scenes. Sorry that the description kind of suck. Just read on and review. The story is much better.

Now, I copied that word for word. Here is the way I would have put it: Annamarie is beautiful. She's got everything a girl could want. Her life must be perfect, right? Wrong. There's a story behind Annamarie's smile, some unknown truth behind her sparkling eyes. Follow her life by reading Beauty Isn't Everything. Rated M for minor cursing and detailed scenes.

It really is a great story. If you're still with me and have continued to read through my babble, here's a sneak peek at it:

He buckled up his pants with a snap and he came over next to me again.

"Good night, beautiful. Remember to keep your mouth shut or I'll kill you and your mother," he whispered into my ear and with that, he vanished into the dark night. A tear slid down my cheek and I looked around to make sure he wasn't around anymore. He always left me here lying on my bed numb and in the nude. Another tear slowly slid down my cheek and I let it fall on my soft pillow. I got up and walked to get my clothes which were strewn about on the floor. I knew he was capable of doing just so; of killing my mother and I. I got back into bed. What had I done to deserve this? I tossed and turned for the rest of the night until it was finally time to wake up for school. Wear the smile for your mommy and daddy. Let them know you're fine. I walked into my bathroom quietly and looked at the mirror. The mirror could be your worst nightmare. I had bags under my eyes. He's been doing it more frequently and I just can't go back to sleep. I can't stand the silence though. I wish I could tell someone but I can't. I looked at the three scratches lying on my temple and the yellowing of what was left of my black and blue on my eye. I took a deep breath. I did my morning routine in the bathroom and finally got to the makeup part. I covered what was left of the yellowing and covered the three scratches. I looked at the girl who was staring back at me. Perfect.

Go read it. You will be pleased with the content. We all know Sammie is very talented. Reading Beauty Isn't Everything will be totally worth it. I promise.

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Hello! This is Sammie back on my account. Rachael was awesome enough to do that up there ^. I know that was such a bummer and you guys must have hated me. =P Sorry for that but I love to leave people wondering. I always leave you on the hook. Gotta love it, eh? =P Well, if you could please check out my new story, it will mean the world to me. =] Thanks guys. You, my readers, are what keep me going in writing. Who knows? Maybe one day you'll see my name on a book that I wrote. Dare to dream. =P I absolutely love everyone who contributed to those wonderful views and I love ya! Bye! Love, your fellow fiction presser trying to make it in the Fiction Press and writing world, Sammie.