Legacy by ff_b

Fritz the fox dodged and weaved his way adroitly through the forest; he could outwit and avoid his pursuers all day if need be, and in the past had often done just so.-It was so hard to believe that in the 21st century there were still places on the planet that practiced fox hunting! Fritz wasn't as young as he once had been, however, and he wearied of the chase today.-Ah well, he could soon put an end to it, Fritz thought. As soon as he was within the range of his remote, Fritz triggered the small device.

A large section of the countryside exploded upwards as a large, robotic creature emerged. Fritz pressed a second key for the "defend and repel" function, and his creation's third generation artificial intelligence would do the rest. The weary fox pulled up a chair, for he would want to see this. Riders were ejected from horses and propelled skywards as the powerful twelve foot high robotic intelligence strode among them and made the hunters the hunted, making the fox proud of his work and appreciative of those who had the original vision.

Fritz sat in his chair and flipped through the pages of the weathered journal that had inspired his device, marveling at how far ahead of their time those visionaries had been in the fatherland. He had turned to Nazi super science, you see, for those occasions on which regular super science just wasn't evil enough...