Brooke Lanaski

I enjoyed being an only child. Got whatever I wanted when I wanted it. Parents were rich, friends were amazing, life was normal. Until Kate showed up and turned my world upside down.

Kate Lanaski

I live under a bridge in a box with my best friends, whom I consider my sister, Amy and Brenna. To eat, we steal. To get clothes, we steal. Catching a pattern? Anyway, finding out I had a rich spoiled twin, well, it changes your life.

Brook Lanaski

My nightmare started on a Saturday afternoon. I was shopping. Like usual. I was with my two best friends in the whole world, Kelsey and Tess. They're like my sisters They look like my sisters. Kelsey's long wavy black hair is very similar to mine, except I have natural brown highlights. Tess' hair is a light brown, but she dyes it to make it that color. It's naturally blonde.

"Where to next?" Tess asks. We just left the Coach store.

"I need to go to the Apple store. I need a new Mac." Kelsey says. We start walking over to the store when my phone starts ringing. The caller ID is Ben, my sexy boyfriend.

"Hello?" I say, into the phone.

"Brooke, hi." His sweet, soft voice says.

"What's up?" I ask.

"Well, many things." He says, a hint of nervousness in his voice.

"What's going on?" I ask, concerned.

"You have a sister." He spats out at once. I stay silent, in shock.

"Ok, jokes over. Seriously, whats going on?" I ask.

"Dead serious. Long story, but my mom havs a girl at the station who's parents are your parents. Your real parents."

"What do you mean my real parents? Kasey and Mike are my real parents." I say.

"No, Brooke, they're not. You were adopted." He says. "You and this girl have the same parents. Your mother died giving birth to you two, and your father committed suicide. You two were separated at birth. I'm really sorry." I just sit silently. How could my parents….my adoptive parents…lie to me about something like this.

"Well, why are you telling me this?" I ask.

"Well, the station is going to call your parents and I think she and two of her friends are moving in. I don't know if this is really true, but I wanted to warn you, incase it was. I'm really sorry Brooke."

Kate Lanaski

Finding out I had a sister started with Brenna, Amy, and I walk into the Gas Station, looking around for dinner. The aroma makes me feel dizzy, but I have been hungrier.

Brenna walks off and taps her wrist to me and Amy. We both nod. That means she's starting her distraction. She walks over to the guy at the cash register and starts flirting. For a homeless girl, Brenna is really pretty, no homo. Her straight blonde hair and big brown eyes makes all the guys love her.

"You donuts, I drinks." Amy says, running over to the fridge of water. She quickly stuffs Fiji water into her huge jacket, and swiftly walks outside. I grab a bag, and stuff five donuts in it, and put it in a pocket in my huge jacket. I walk out of the station too, and Brenna shortly follows.

"Nice!" She exclaims.

"Let's eat before we get to the bridge, so Mark and Anthony don't attack us for our food." Amy says. We start eating donuts about a mile away from our bridge. Then, we drink the water. Suddenly, we hear sirens. Police sirens.

The police car pulls over next to us. We're smart, we know not to run. We just stand there, like normal 15 year olds. But I guess normal 15 year olds aren't walking down the street with ratty jackets and food, at 10pm.

"Ladies, I believe it's past curfew." The man steps out from the police car. "We'll call your folks at the station. Come on." I look at Brenna and Amy. This has never happened, we haven't prepared for a cop.

Amy looks at Brenna and me and winks twice. We nod, then take off in different directions. The other cop jumps out of the car, and they chase after us. I think they call for backup, but I'm too far away to hear them. I only stop when I hear a scream.

"Amy! Kate!" It's Brenna. The female cop tackled her and is handcuffing her. I know I can't save her. I turn and keep running, but a shock hits my back and I face plant into the ground. Then, I blackout.

I later wake up in a hard metal chair, with a metal table in front of me.

"Where the hell am I?" I ask myself.

"The police station." A female voice says over an intercom, making me jump a bit. Then, she comes in through the door and takes a seat on the other side of the table.

"Hello Miss. My name is Joyce Bail." She says sweetly.

"Where are my friends?" I ask, trying not to sound worried.

"They're….ok. They're in the same place as you, being asked questions."

"Interrogated." I correct.

"If that's the word you want to use, yes. Interrogated. Anyway, Kate. We know you stole those donuts and water. And we know your homeless. We want to help you."

"Well I don't want help. Amy, Brenna, and I were fine before you people showed up. We can take care of ourselves." I say, crossing my arms.

"Well, Kate. I know somethings you don't. About your parents." I stay silent.

"They abandoned me as a baby. Nothing more to that." I say, not willing to shed a tear for this woman.

"That's not entirely true." She says. "Your mother died in labor, and your father committed suicide shortly after. You and your twin were placed in a community home. She was adopted. You were stolen from the community home by a group of people called the "Dark Shadows". They're the ones who you live with now. We've been searching for you and your friends for 15 years."

"I don't have a twin." I say.

"Yes you do. We did a blood test while you were knocked out." The cop pulls out a picture of a girl who's my age, who looks like me, but has fancy clothes and she looks like she's showered recently.

"Who's that?" I ask, annoyed this lady would lie to me about a "sister".

"That is Brook Lanaski. Your twin. We've already contacted her family. Either you and your friends can live there, or be sent back into a community home. Your choice." She says.

"Are my friends aware?" I ask. The cop nods. I have a huge decision to make, while trying to take in all the information. Either move into a family that will probably hate us, or move into a community home that we will hate. I know what Brenna and Amy want. They would want to move into the family. They've always talked about having a real family. But…do I want a real family? The people under the bridge are fine.

"I'll move in with the family.

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