Kate Lanaski

Brooke's parents, Kasey and Mike, decide it would be a great idea to let Brooke take me, Amy, and Brenna shopping. Kasey and Mike are so sweet, but Amy, Brenna, and I have never shopped with money. Plus, we're not the shopping type. Or the girly type. Everything we have, or had, is stolen. While Brooke can get whatever she wants when she wants it. It sickens me.

We've stopped at three stores and already Brooke has ten new shirts, five new skirts, two new dresses, six pairs of new shoes, and a new computer. Seriously? Seriously?

Amy, Brenna, and I bought three new tops each and we each got a pair of jeans. I got some tennis shoes, so did Amy. Brenna got flip flops.

Brooke's parents also insist we get cell phones. We got iPhones, and we can't get used to having one. Hell, we can't get used to using one. But if Brooke can do it all day, I am determined to learn how.

By the time the shopping spree is over, I leave the mall with three shirts, one pair of jeans, a pair of tennis shoes, a necklace that matches Amy and Brenna's, and a cell phone. I'm not even going to try to name what Brooke got.

Ben, Brooke's boyfriend, drove us home. When we got home, I change into the new jeans and a shirt I bought. I try on the tennis shoes too. I can't get used to the fact that everything fits snug. I'm not constantly pulling up my shorts. I kind of like it. Kind of.

Brooke is talking to her friends on the phone in a guest room, about me, I can tell, so I go outside and climb up a tree. When you're constantly running from the cops, you develop that skill pretty easily.

I hear a soft "meow." From below me. I get out of the tree and see a tiny black kitten.

I get down on my knees and hold my hand out. She runs up to me and uses her claws and grabs onto my shirt, like she's hugging me. I take her off my shirt and hold her in my hands.

"Why hello little sweetie? Who do you belong to?" I ask in a sweet voice. The kitten purrs. I walk to the house and see Kasey making dinner.

"Kasey? I found a little kitten outside. Do you know if she belongs to anyone?" I walk up to Kasey and she looks at the kitten.

"No, none of the neighbors have cats. Only dogs. But she's a cutie." Kasey strokes the kittens fur and she purrs louder.

"Why don't we let her stay here, until we find her family. I can take you to the pet store and get her cat necessities." Kasey offers. I nod, and bring her to Brooke's and my room. Brooke isn't in here, so I place the kitten on my bed. She immediately curls into a little ball and falls asleep. I then soon leave with Kasey and get a pink bed, cat food, cat bowls, and a few toys for Maci. That's what I named the kitten.

I also found a book about cats. I'm an animal lover in general, but I don't know a thing about cats. I got it so I would know what Maci is feeling, if she's sad, angry, happy. So far Maci has been as sweet as a butterfly. I wonder what kind of kitten she is. But that's the least of my worries. I really want to know how Brooke is going to react to this.

Brooke Lanaski

I get off the phone with Tess and Kelsey, and go into my room to change shirts. As I change, I hear a little purr. I quickly turn around and see a tiny black kitten on Kate's bed.

Oh god. What is this cat doing in my house? I think to myself. I go downstairs, looking for Kate. I see Kasey's car pull up, and her and Kate get out with cat supplies. We're not keeping it, are we? It kind of looks like it...

I run outside to talk to Kate and Kasey.

"Ummmm, can someone explain why there's a cat in my room?" I ask.

"It's not your room, it's our room." Kate says, rolling her eyes. "And I found Maci outside. That's what I named her, Maci. She was alone. So we're going to post "found cat" signs and if no one claims her she's going to be mine."

"Well, you guys can't decide it without me! I'm neither you, Kasey, or Mile aloud me to have a pet!" I shout.

"Well your aloud to have everything else in the world." Kate says under her breathe.

"Brooke dear, Kate has never had anything great. This kitten really means something to her. Just deal with it." Kasey says. Kate snickers under her breath and I glare at her. She goes inside, followed by Kasey.

Kate is treated like a freaking god! Why is she so special? We're twins, shouldn't we be treated equally?

I've had enough this. Of Kate, her dirty friends, the secret and lies. I know where I will go, where they will not lie to me. Where they will not keep secrets, or make me share my rooms.

I will go to the only person who I'm still certain loves me.


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