Brooke Lanaski

I walk down the road, quickly and quietly. It's late and cold, and I can't wait to get Kate and go home. Hopefully she won't put up much of a fight.

I turn left where I'm supposed to, and I see them under the bridge. They're huddled above a fire, trying to keep warm. As I get closer, someone grabs my arm. They pull me to face them.

"Hey goodlookin. What's a rich girl like you doing in a dump like this?" The boy asks. I pull my arm away and walk back a bit.

"None of your business." I respond.

"Oh, we got a smart mouth here." The boy looks at his two friends. They smile a smile I'm not that comfortable with. God, why didn't I bring Ben?

"Let's show our friend here how we teach smart mouths a lesson." He says. The two boys next to him grab my arms and push me down. The other boy struggles at trying to take off my clothes.

"KATE!" I shout at the top of my lungs. I can see her running towards me.

"Hey! Mark, Anthony, Aaron! Get the hell off of her!" She shouts, kicking the boys. They stand up.

"You got lucky, girl. Next time we'll get you when that bitch isn't around." He points at Kate. She just rolls her eyes as they run away. Kate reaches her hand out. I take it and she pulls me up.

"Brooke, please explain what the hell you are doing here? You're lucky I was here." She crosses her arms.

"Look, Kate. I was wrong. I am selfish, self-centered bitch. I only care about myself, I take advantage of my parents. You have a crappy life, I shouldn't have been so mean."

"Ok, now that we're done stating the obvious, please tell me why you're here?" I take a deep breath.

"I want you, Brenna, and Amy to come back to my house. You three shouldn't live here. It's, no offense, a shit hole. I was here for less than a minute, and three guys were already trying to rape me." Kate laughs.

"You get used to it. Anyway, why do you want us to come back? Don't you like, hate us, or something?"

"Yes, I do. I mean, did. I'm just used to being alone, always being the best. I guess I was just nervous you we're going to become the favorite. I just wanted more attention than you got. I'm sorry." I say.

"Oh really? I couldn't tell." Sarcastic Kate says. I punch her in the arm but smile.

"Yeah, I was a bit of a bitch. I actually want you and Brenna and Amy to come back. My parents didn't set me up to this, they didn't know I came today. Please, come back to my house. Let's start over." Kate is silent for a moment.

"I'll consult Brenna and Amy, ok? Wait here and give me a minute." She runs to them.

Kate Lanaski

I run to Brenna and Amy, who are still sitting around the fire, noticing my absence.

"Why is Brooke here? And why did you run off?"

"The Douche Brothers we're trying to rape her. She wants us to come back." They freeze when I say that.

"Wait, what?" They say in unison, their eyes wide.

"Yeah. She wants us to come back. No, Kasey and Mike didn't set her up to it, supposedly." I say.

"Well, are we?" Brenna asks.

"I was sent to consult you two. I don't know if we should. I don't know if this is some sort of prank or what. Or if she'll run away again. I really don't know." I say.

"I think we should go back. Give it one more shot, you know?" Amy says.

"I agree. Even if Brooke wasn't nice, Kasey and Mike were. And so was the food." Brenna says.

"Alright. Back it is. But if she is bitchy again, we're gonna leave, ok?" I say. They nod, and we walk towards Brooke, who is still standing where I left her.

…Two years later…

Brooke Lanaski

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I shout in the still sleeping Kate's ear. She smacks me and rolls over in the bed, putting the pillow over her head.

"Come on! You're 18! You're ooolld!" I say, pulling the pillow off of her face. She sits up and rubs her eyes.

"No older than you." She says, laughing. I laugh back. She gets out of bed and we go downstairs, where Brenna, Amy, Ben, Kelsey and Tess are already are, standing around a cake.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" They all exclaim at once. Kasey and Mike are in the corner, taking pictures. Oh parents, they're so embarrassing.

"Thanks everyone!" I say, walking down the marble steps to the cake. There are two candles, with the number 18. Everyone sings happy birthday and Kate and I blow out our candles.

Then we open presents. Kate opens hers, and it's a MacBook Pro. She squeals and hugs Kasey and Mike. I open my present and it's a picture of a pool.

"What's this?" I curiously ask. Kasey and Mike pull me using my arms to the backyard. There is a pool.

"You got us a pool!" I squeal. They nod and I give them a hug.

"Thank you so much!" Kate screams. We quickly run upstairs and change into our swimsuits and push each other in.

We swim around in the pool for a few hours before we get tired, and then we just sunbathe in the sun for a few hours.

"It's no fair, you got the good skin!" I fake complain to Kate. She is always always tan.

"Yup. I did. And you got the super sexy boyfriend." She snickers.

"Yup. I totally kinda did." I smile. We have both changed so much since the day two years ago we found out about each other. It's kinda crazy to think about now, how much I hated her. How I loved life without her. Now I can't imagine life without her. She's my twin, my other half.

I know now, no matter how much I hated her, she was my family, and I shouldn't have looked down on her because she was less privileged than me. But I'm glad we live together. And I know I always will be.

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