Late, late, late. She was going to be late!
She strode in on her 3 inch heels, looking as if she were on a mission. Her determined steps faltered for only a second, to sign in at the desk. That done, she whirled around, looking for the stairs that would only take her up to the next floor, where she needed to be. To her horror, she realized there were none.

An elevator sat there, off to the side, not imposing at all, at least not to anyone else. For her, however, there was a sudden weakness in her knees and quivering in her gut that made her weakly wander over to it. The feeling of helplessness was reflected on her face as she stared at the closed doors, the fact that time was ticking not lost on her.

She sucked in a deep breath and tried to summon her courage, which only held up long enough to push the button. When the doors opened, revealing an empty and quite small lift, the smallest sense of panic ran through her and she backed away, watching the doors close at last. Curse her fears!

She glanced at the doorway she had come through, hoping that someone else would come through them, and need to take the elevator as well. When no one entered in the next minute and a half, she let out a whimper and checked the time. No time!

She looked around desperately for someone, anyone at all, she could ask to take pity on her and do a stranger a favor. The thought of anyone at all being suitable echoed in her mind as a man stood off at another entrance, entranced by his phone, as most people are these days. That wasn't what immediately put her off. The mohawk did that.

It stood several inches above his already tall figure. He was dressed in a way she could only describe as 'someone she wouldn't usually associate with'. She didn't try to examine him any further, retreating into her thoughts. A person was still a person, and that was all she needed. Besides, who was she to judge?

He only seemed taller up close, which felt horrible to a person used to being treated as tall themselves. She gulped, folding her hands as she pushed herself to speak.

"Excuse me, sir."
She couldn't believe how tiny her voice seemed, almost like the squeaking of a kitten. Any other time, it'd be very amusing. It wasn't very right now. He lifted his eyes as if caught by surprise, and quickly pocketed the gadget. "Sorry," he mumbled, though the look in his eyes more asked what she needed. She froze for just a second, before her thoughts took over her tongue.

"I don't mean to bother you, but the truth is, I have a fear of elevators and I need to take that one-" She gestured to the one in the lobby "Right now, so I was wondering if you would help me out and ride with me?" She had said it all in a rush, so by the time she was finished, he was still sorting her words out. She turned quite a rosy shade, embarrassed and ever aware of the time. He laughed then, and nodded. "Sure, I'll help you out."

A happy smile broke out on her face, pleased that her troubles had not been in vain. "Thank you so much, sir!"

She turned around, ready to finally board, when a twosome that had entered since beat them to the elevator. "Looks like you don't need me after all." The man said, with an easy going smile. She stared at the people for a moment, wondering why she felt a pang of disappointment.

"Better go before they leave you."
He said in a light, distant tone. She turned to see he had gone back to playing with his phone, and the disappointment was quickly replaced with annoyance. Well, jeeze!

"Thanks anyways, again." She snapped, no longer meaning it as she stalked back to the elevator, just as the others were entering it. The man lifted his head as the doors closed, looking amused. "You meet all kinds," He mumbled.