A pink streak flew through the sky. The light dissolved before the sound of the crash.

Dust and debris began to settle, revealing a faint, bright bubble. It popped, revealing the spandex clad super heroine, looking like she had been in a school yard scrap. The look on her face matched, and she burst free from the rubble, her body glowing from the faint light her telekinesis manifested itself with.

She jabbed a finger at the approaching purple suited figure. "I always knew you were stupid for men, but this is a new low!" The woman in purple, who had up until this time, been smiling in satisfaction, suddenly scowled, and lunged forward, grabbing the other woman by her throat, sending her back into the rubble. "At least I have a man that wants me. Unlike... what was his name?"

The shocked look on the pink clad woman's face made her smile again, not to mention the way she was gagging under her hands. She leaned forward and lowered her voice. "Oh yeah, I found out about that."