She's comfortable you could say

Comfortable with her blanket

The one made up of her depression

A depression so deep it eats at her soul

A soul once pure but has now been tainted

Tainted with the dark feeling

The ones that tell her to cut

Cut little lines all across her wrist

A wrist that full of scars

Some big some small, all horrific

Horrific in the sense that a person would look at you different for them

Look at you like your sick

Sick with a contagious disease

A disease called depression

A depression so clear everyone can see it

See how it affects you

Affects you by killing you feeling

Feelings once so good now are dead

Dead in the sense that they'll never come back

Come back for the sad little girl they left behind

Left behind to fend for herself

Fend for herself in a world so crazy

So crazy she looks sane in comparison

A comparison so complicated

Complicated like a puzzle

A puzzle no one can solve

Solve the questions she needs answers to

Answers that will free her from her chains

The chains she's been in for so long

Long enough to know nothing else

Nothing else but the quiet beat of her heart

One slowing with every step she makes

Every step less and less

Less and less until it finally stops

Until her heart stops beating completely

A poem about depression. Hope someone likes it.