5 June 2012
12:43 P.M.


It's not going to work. It never does. I've probably tried it ten times before and it never has. Either I get bored, or I fail to post it and then by some conspiracy of my computer, it just disappears. (Btw, my computer hates me, you should know). No kidding. -_-

But before you hit the backspace button on your keyboard or just click on 'back', thinking what kind of dumb fool has written this, you should know that I'm talking about writing an online diary. Makes sense now? I just don't do the 'dear diary' stuff, it sounds very 'cliché-ish' to me.
(Btw, I know that 'cliché- ish' is not a word. It's just that I like making up random word now and then.)

Plus, I have no idea where to start it. Err, introduction I guess?

Okay, so my pen name is Joannah. You want the real name? You will never know. Keep guessing though.

I'm 15 years old and currently studying in tenth grade.

Now looks, umm, can't we just skip this one? It's not like you are going to sketch something after deducing from my descriptions and go around saying, "Hey, have you seen this girl?"
So let's just skip it.

The next part- Why on earth am I writing this?

Well, I have got too many reasons.

First – One of my biggest fears is that my mom is one going to find out my journal and read it. I'd die that day and I'm not exaggerating. Either she'll kill me or I'd die out of embarrassment.

Second- Typing is better than writing. I'm just lazy.

Third- I am not an important person who should have her autobiography published and go on to become a best seller. (Not yet, anyways). So, I'll just write it here, where equally bored people like me would read it.

Fourth- I am bored.

I guess those reasons are enough for now. And if that's enough for you, keep on reading. And if you have got something better to do, hit backspace and just erase this from your memory.

I went swimming today. Today was my first day. I just stood in the pool for ten minutes and came out. It's not that I am scared; it'll just take a little time.


Okay, maybe a little bit. Just a tiny, little bit.

That's it for now, I guess.