6th October 2012


So if some of you out there are still reading this, yes, I'm alive. And no, I didn't disappear off the face of earth. Not like anyone missed me, anyways. But the reason for my long absence was exams. Yeah, my semesters were going on. And if you are a tenth grader in India, they are bound to eat you alive.

Exams got over on Monday. So I finally got a chance to be back on FP. Results got out yesterday though. I did amazingly well in English and Social Science. While, Science and Hindi were okay, and ICT was okay too. Though I hardly care about ICT. Who does ?

However, don't get me started on Maths. I'm in complete mourning right now. I did bad. Bad, bad, bad. Disappointing- your- parents -and -your- teacher kind of bad. I even disappointed myself. I didn't work this hard to hit rock bottom. Ahh, it's really bad. No, I didn't flunk. But the problem with me is, when you are straight A grader, you aren't expected to do that bad. Nope. And especially not in tenth when you have no room for mistakes. So concluding it, things are bad.

I said 'bad' a lot of times, didn't I ?

The worst thing about this is (yes, the worst is yet to come), aside from my cell being seized, mom said she wouldn't buy me those John Green novels she promised to buy me if I do good in the semesters. I DID good in the semesters, I told her. But she said maths matters most so, NO.

Wow. Maths, you completely managed to ruin it for me this time. Congo. -_-