8th October 2012

I don't know how many people out there know what cricket is or how do we play it. So if you don't, just ignore the following paragraph. And by the way, it's a game. But I think everyone knows that. Whatever, back to the point.

Cricket is like a religion in India. I'm not kidding about it. It's the only game everyone knows something about. Or maybe it's the only game India is currently very good at.

However, that is not the point. T20 World Cup ended yesterday (T20 is one of the formats of this game), and the finals took place between Sri Lanka and West Indies. West Indies won, but probably the best part about the whole match was the celebration when the whole WI team did the Gangnam Style on the field and it was amazing. Made my day, I tell you.

(People who don't know about cricket may resume reading)

Gangnam's style is a great dance though. Even if I don't understand a single word of Korean, the song's still catchy. I just had this random thought in my head as to what would it be like if they do the Gangnam Style in Glee. *Legend-Wait-for-it-Dary* :D

In other news, I'm too lazy to type every word of 'Since You've Been Gone' on my computer as I've written it in my notebook. So I'm not gonna update anytime soon, I think.

I'm gonna go eat something. I'm hungry.