13th October 2012
4:03 P.M.

Dear best friends,

How come I am always the one asking people to stay?

No, scratch that, begging.

What if one day I don't ask you people to stay? Would you just leave like that?

Standing up with you, sticking up by you, countless number of times through everything, and you guys think that I would give up on you people?

Is it what you want?

I don't want you all to go. But you still do. You leave. You don't talk to me. Ignore me. Think that I don't care.

Okay. I know I don't care about a lot of things. A lot of things that I should be caring about, but you guys aren't one of them.

You guys are my best friends and I love you people. Does that mean anything?

You say you I don't know what it's like to be one at the receiving end. Well, I got news. I do.

It's exhausting. But I try anyways, every time. I know I can't fix everything, but I try. Okay? And I'll keep on trying. No matter what it takes, no matter if you people leave again.

And don't apologize for leaving. If you really want to go so bad, just go. I don't want a bunch of 'take care' and 'be happy'.

I don't want you people to go though. I want to stay with you people. We're a trio right? It doesn't have to fall apart.

It shouldn't. And I wouldn't let it.

So you're gonna stay, right?