"The storm of Life."

Thousands raindrops on the ground.

Dark skies murmur peaceful songs,

for pale light to sing along.

Shallow movement, ticking sound.


Rest and sleep, dearest Mother Nature,

leave all fortune to your kids,

let them shine and spread their wings.

Everything has its relation.


Fish can swim and birds can fly.

Humans walk upon two legs,

make 'stupid' moves, and lose their heads,

You can't run, don't try to hide.


Rain deers, rushing through the flora,

Wolves, my brothers of the night,

'singing' placidly they cry.

Take away my rainbow Aura.


How can their hands destroy all these?

those that are gladder than the rest?

The blooming and the Summer's Fest.

In the eyes of earth, it's a disease.


The rain outside my window stops,

Out of an empty sky comes light,

Mother needs no apologize.

Protest now! She wasted her last drops.