There is no harmony in a soul without peace.

There is no envy in love.

The skies though pale as they be,

beam modest light to sooth sanity.

Sanity of which is a wild, insecure creature

Ever in fear of light

Which bleeds from the skies;

as tepid as the rain.

There is delight in the dance of life

Where souls unite

To beg, plead and strive.

Though desperate as I be,

I cannot love, nor touch,

That which I hate

For it is as mute as sanity

It will not speak,

It is a timid creature

Of which I cannot contain

Amidst it's world, so bleak.

No hollow oak, or fading light

Will ever capture the inner most

Seething part of me.

My mind barely scathes walls of insecure pleasure

And when it does

I do not feel nor cry in pain.

I am numb and so to is the silent world that surrounds me.

Evil is within and serenity is all that can save my civil pleading soul