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Author s Note: Alright. I just wanted to tell you guys that I know my updates have been pretty inconsistent this year. Here s what s going on though:
Around the beginning of the year, I developed sever writer s block that I can t seem to get rid of. I already knew there were certain stories that I needed to update but haven t been able to. I ve gotten about half a chapter written for each of them, and I m trying to add onto that when I can. It s just become increasingly hard because of things that have been happening in my life.
I broke up with my girlfriend, Tigeress33565, after about a year. I just couldn t handle being in a relationship anymore. We weren t communicating well outside of our writing and I didn t feel the same emotional connection anymore. I still love her, but it s more of a family/close friend love. And we are still writing together.
I m pretty stressed out though, guys. I have, literally, over 100 different stories that I m needing to work on. Most of them are for the joint account I share with Tigeress33565, which is ParadiseInBluerock.
Last week, I finally came out of the closet to my mother as transgender. And she pretty much rejected me. She s not going to help me pay for the surgeries or support me, but she s not kicking me out or anything. It just Really hurts. So if any of you know me on deviantART, or want to look me up, it s the same username I have here. JyleLover924. I don t really use the characters I have on this site, but I draw some of my other characters and you can keep up with what s going on in my life so that you know why I m not updating. I also opened up story commissions on my dA, to help raise money for my surgeries. Do you have any idea how much they cost? Gods, they re anywhere between $15,000 to $100,000, depending on your health and all that good shit.
I ve also recently started taking antidepressants, which don t seem to be doing shit for me, and my mother is freaking out because I m not enrolled in school for tenth grade yet.
There are some other things, but I just don t really want to talk about all of it anymore.
But yeah. Here s a little one-shot thing I wrote during the school year to keep you all satisfied until I do manage to update. I might post some of the poems I had to write for school later, if you want. I don t know.

Warnings: Yaoi, incest, smut, brotherly love, language. Also fucked up formatting because the Word Doc I use wouldn't save so I had to do this on Notepad.)

It felt...strange. Of course, he'd woken up to this before. He was used to hearing his brother moan some other person's name. This... This was different though. This time...his brother was moaning His name.

Slowly, the brunette haired boy slithered out of his bed and made his way to his older brother's room.

This was normal. Every time his brother did this, he would take care of it. He would pretend his brother was saying his name, and that he was the only one to ever cause him pleasure.

However, Justin had never Really moaned his name before. This was different. This was exciting.

Carefully, the young teenager slid into the older boy's room. He closed the door silently and made his way to the bed, mentally praying that his brother wouldn't wake up.

He slid between Justin's legs, smirking just slightly as he looked up at the blond haired boy.

He was skinny, but not overly so. He had a flat stomach, but he had muscles in all the right places. He always loved tracing Justin's abs while his brother slept, but this wasn't the time for that.

Justin always slept in the nude. His only explanation was that it was more comfortable, but his brother had the sneaking suspicion that it was because it made it easier for him to get laid. Which made him jealous to the core.

He tried not to think about that, though. Instead, he took a deep breath, feeling a shiver run down his spine when Justin cried out his name again.

He smiled just slightly to himself, lowering his head to kiss the tip of Justin's arousal. His tongue flickered out to lick the side slowly and he felt his brother shiver.

Suddenly, Justin moved, pinning his younger brother beneath him.

He was Awake.

"I knew it," Justin smirked.

The younger boy whimpered, feeling tears build up in his eyes. Before he could speak to defend himself or his actions, he felt a pair of lips press against his own urgently.

Justin's tongue ran against his lips and he instinctively opened his mouth for it.

His tongue explored the hot cavern of his younger brother's mouth expertly, only pulling back once he had coaxed a soft moan out of the smaller boy.

He could feel the younger teen's boxer-covered member beginning to harden against his leg.


"How long have you been dreaming of this, Trent?"

Trent felt his cheeks heat up in a furious, bright red blush.

"A long time," he admitted sheepishly.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I... I thought you would tell me I was sick and...and disown me or something..."

Justin smiled, gently cupping Trent's cheek as he kissed him again, though softly this time.

Trent looked up at his older brother with wondering eyes, "What does that mean?"

"It means...I love you." the blond answered hesitantly.

Trent blushed, squeaking-yes, squeaking-when he felt a hand dip between his thighs.


His older brother paused, looking into his swirling, honey brown eyes, "Do you want this, Trent?"

"Yes...I want you, Justin..." he answered, barely hesitating. Because he Did want Justin. More than anything. He just wasn't sure if Justin really wanted Him. Because he now knew that Justin had been awake the whole time.

"I love you, baby brother. You know that, right?" Justin purred into his ear, causing Trent to nearly swoon. "I love you more than I've ever loved anyone. Now stop worrying and enjoy this..."

"B-But it's wrong," Trent managed to gasp as Justin touched parts of his body that no one had ever touched before, aside from himself, of course.

"Do you trust me?"

"Yes. A-Always. With my life." He stuttered as he tried to keep from moaning when Justin's hand wandered There.
"Ju-Justin, wa-wait..."

"What's wrong, Trent?"

"I...I'm a virgin."