May 2006

I thought my words could light the stars,

And bring back the forgotten times

And make the seas from western bars

To flow again. These are my crimes.

And white trees glittered in the night,

Woken to life by my proud song.

The evening star shone fair and bright

On winter skies. And was that wrong?

And banners flew from cities white,

And horns greeted the day once more.

Thus, with my arrogant delight,

I woke up the forbidden lore.

And now I watch the white blooms fall

As evening comes, and, from the West,

The wrathful voices shout and call:

"How darest, thou, mortal, wake the past?

"How darest thou raise the sunken lands,

And wake the ancient, sleeping kings,

And look upon the western strand?

Mortal, thou canst not know such things!"

And now I'm cursed to sing in vain,

As dark clouds make my prison bars

From which there'll come no healing rain.

…I thought my words could light the stars…