Hidden Identity

Sitting in sadness,

Walking in sadness.

Being brave in sadness,

Wearing a mask in sadness.

A key which shatters my thick mask,

A screen, so simple,

So complex, and so enthralling.

Flying through the sites, losing all reality,

Hitting a chat room, where the truth emerges.

How deadly poison murders all of them.

Creeping round the corner,

Wearing a balaclava,

Hit! Shriek! Sob!

The plentiful cry of a victim.

My senses heighten,

The heavy feelings lighten,

The self-worth shoots up higher.

To see my predators turn,

To see them into prey,

All due to my hidden identity,

Made me go further.


As to slice a heart open

With pure emotion,

Created death.

Literal death.

To hear the soft, sad music torture me,

To feel the entire world gang up and isolate me,

I realise,

Realise my dilemma,

Realise my solution.

It's too late.

Wishes come true when you try.

A child, older,

Introduces with a BANG!


All I see is pure night.


Two families crying,

Over two tragic deaths.

Cyber bullying; the silent serial killer.