her heart beats sweet and slow
between the elderly willows
and when i part the sweeping branches
my brain stops all rational function.
the sun dappled across her skin
the soft smile tugging her lips
and the promise shining behind her eyes
has me completely, recklessly, irrevocably
head over heels once again.

rooted to the spot, she comes to me.
the way her russet eyes navigate my soul
i find it near impossible to deny my urge to shudder.
her hand reaches out and gently strokes my cheek
and the three words i have been holding in -
keeping most precious and secret for years
crawl into my mouth, beg to spill out.

it's simply effortless the way i adore her
and lying under the spreading leaves
it's easier to pretend she knows it, too;
that i haven't been the same since she left
how i don't feel whole without her.
i turn to her, and her eyes are closed
hair flowing across ivory shoulders
my heart screams, wails, pleads for me to touch her
to prove that this heaven could ever be real.