Hello everyone, this is Thunderclap1995 reporting from her first multichap story on FictionPress. I am also on fanfiction for anyone who cares (Hey Ray! Hi Hugs!) but on there I am under Greeks Drool - Romans Rule. To those of you who disagree with my penname, I've already been told it's "backwards", check out my profile on FF, there is a reason I call myself GDRR. Oh and for anyone wondering, this is for if I ever get published, which my mum has just told me I should do. This is going to be the blurb, for the back of the book, and the picture is of the letter she wrote. Next chapter will be the prologue. I hope you enjoy.

Did I know where I was going?

Absoloutely not.

Did I know what I was trying to find?

I never knew I was even looking.

Did I find it?


I was just so sick of life, mum was trying to be a good mother, dad was attempting to be a good father, Jamie was trying to be the best brother, they didn't know what was wrong with me any more than I did. But I couldn't shake my restlessness, I couldn't stay in the family, something was calling me to run, I was fifteen and so scared of this feeling, it was a tingle in my spine everytime I saw a bus leading away, something was telling me to get away, now I've found my feelings were right, I needed to get away. Follow me on my adventure as I cure my restlessness, hopefully we'll come back, but I'm not entirely sure. But it's for the best anyway.

I hope you enjoyed my brief introduction, all she become clearer by the end of this story, I'm thinking maybe in about 27-32 chapters, hopefully. I shall hopefully be updating every two weeks or so but feel free to leave a comment, constructive criticism or general randomness, all is welcome.

Until next time.