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Have you ever ran away because of a gut feeling, I hadn't before all of this started, back then I didn't even believe in my gut feelings, back then I was an average girl, with average grades and a semi-average life. But nothing was ever really average. But before I take you back to my life, where everything was normal, well, as normal as it could be, I'm going to tell you about myself.

My name is Cassia, like the herb, I am sixteen years old, but I was fifteen when I ran. I lived Cheltenham, England with my parents, Robert and Marie, and my older brother James, well, I call him Jamie, or at least, I used to. Things were fine, I was happy, lively and things were great! Okay, scratch that, that's how I used to be before I got into this, before I was called restless. What I really was was tired, shifting, anxious and strange.

Strange in the dictionary can mean five things; Unusual, Alienated, Foreign, Unknown and Unaccustomed to. But I only applied the fourth one to myself; Unknown, because that's what it was; Unknown. It began when I was fourteen, I was riding the bus home on a rainy day and when I went to press the button that would alert the driver that I wanted to get off I found my limbs locking down, I couldn't even move my eyes, I found I held no control. I ended up riding the bus to the train station where I found control of my body again, I called my father and he came and picked me up. That was the first incident.

There were a few like that over the next year, all in all around 6 major incidents, one that included me buying a train ticket with my pocket money, which dad managed to get refunded. There were also a couple of minor incidents, in which I had to get off a couple of stops after my intended stop, but there had been a handful of days where I regained my use in time to get off at my intended stop.

Yes, before you ask, these incidents are embarressing to explain, and painful to recall, but I'm just trying to help you, in case you ever experience this. What doctors and professionals are calling this is a mystery; I like to call it restless, makes it sound like I will get better, but you can call it whatever you want, until you get it, then you'll see why I call it restless syndrome.

Allow me to explain the symptoms, I wouldn't want you to pass it off. The first symptom is an itch, you know, just a little itch, it generally appears in the upper arms, you can scratch all you like, but it will remain. The second symptom is your limbs shutting down for any period of time, the third sign is blacking out, you won't remember anything but when you can see again you haven't moved for x amount of time. And the final symptom is a phantom pain, such as your wrist, ankle, neck, anywhere, when you haven't injured yourself. Yes, it is as creepy as it sounds.

So now you know, this is what I call the restless syndrome, and now you're caught up, you can join me in the past to the present and we can shuffle through time and distance to find out why I'm like this, but I'd like to warn you, bring your own sleeping bag, my room only has one bed and at some point we'll be sleeping rough.

Don't disreguard my warnings, I know what I'm talking about.

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