Ch 24: Epilogue

Finally, James and I were free to live our lives with each other. I have changed my legal name back to Alessandra, but most people call me Alice now. James – he goes by Jim now - is the only one who pronounces it as "Aless". We married five years later, once we had matured to a respectable age for marriage; and moved to a midwestern city to live our lives together.

After a few years, James even convinced Rolf to move here to try out a slower pace of life. Now he's in love with my good friend Sharon. They've had their own struggles; and although Sharon doesn't know that I understand, I would be there for her no matter what happens. I knew it wasn't my place to tell her the truth about Rolf, but I am sure that she knows now. He also hasn't betrayed my secret to her.

Many of our friends have secrets of their own that they don't think the rest of us know. I'm afraid that all of our secrets are about to come out now though. It's not a coincidence that so many supernatural beings have gathered together in such a close circle. We've all been drawn together by something – or rather someone.