Saving Chelsea Chapter Two by AssassinNumber7

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It's not the time

It's not the place

I'm just another pretty face

So don't come any closer

"Misery Loves Company" by Emilie Autumn

Saving Chelsea, Chapter Two

Oh my god, oh my god oh my god. World, how can you be so cruel? Chelsea inwardly wailed upon sitting next to the punk girl. The laughing of the trio cut off abruptly. They turned to see Chelsea with her head bent towards the table, hiding with her hair covering her face. Ana's beautiful face contorted into a scowl.

"Malibu Barbie, what the hell are you doing here? I do believe that your friends are sitting over there." She gestured over to where some of the jocks and cheerleaders sat, laughing and at the boys who were drawing vulgar things on the expensive art paper. The girl bit her lip and shook her head, "No room," she whispered. The Latino growled, "Tell them to make some fucking room. I don't know about them, but I most certainly don't want to be sitting next to a walking hive of whore."

She heard Kyle gasp, "Anna-Maria Gonzales! You apologize right now! That is a terribly rude thing to say." He reached over the table to put a hand on her shoulder, making the girl look up.

He smiled, "Sweetie, I'm sorry for Ana's tongue. Must be her time of the month again." He said, causing Chelsea to giggle. Ana scoffed, "Kylie, if you weren't half my size and terminally ill, I would beat the shit outta you." Alec, who sat to the right of the girl, smiled and twirled a lock of hair. Kyle stuck his tongue out at the inked girl and turned back to the blonde sitting across from him.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Chelsea." She murmured, blushing slightly, which didn't escape the notice of the blue haired boy, who filed that away for later. She got out her sketch book – Her private one – and opened to her latest sketch. When Alec saw, he gasped.

"Pyramid Head! Ana, look! It's Pyramid Head." He said, tugging on the girl's sleeve. Ana twisted her face into another scowl and looked at Chelsea's notebook. Her eyebrows went up.

"Wow, Barbie. You've got talent. Though, what's a POD Person doing drawing a character from Silent Hill? I would've pinned you for a Landscape Artist." She said, stroking the corner of the page, seeming as if all hostility left her. Chelsea smiled, sliding the sketch pad over to the punk girl.

"You may look if you want, I don't mind." She said, outright grinning when Ana, Alec and Kyle all leaned over the table to get a closer look at her drawings. Among Pyramid Head, there were many other monsters from the game, such as the Bubblehead Nurses and Alyssa. There was also manga drawings and band sketches, which seemed to intrigue Ana more so than the Pyramid Head did.

"Do you really listen to these bands? 'Cuz I can't really see you listening to Slipknot." She said while the others nodded. She sighed, not knowing whether to tell them.

Go for it, a little voice in her head said, you might not get another chance.

"I listen to Slipknot a little bit, but I much prefer Motorhead." She said, much to the shock of the group – again.

Ana smirked, "You like Motorhead?" She purred, leaning over. Chelsea nodded, smiling.

"Among other things." She said. Ana held out her hand, making a little 'Gimme' motion.

"iPod. Now." She growled. Chelsea dug in her backpack and handed it to the girl, who turned it on and flipped through her song library.

"Motorhead; Rob Zombie; Voltaire – Ooh, nice; Alestrom, Ensiferum – Fan of Folk Metal; Flogging Molly; Disturbed, a bunch of emo shit; Type O Negative; The Drip – Local, I approve; HOLY SHIT, Marilyn Manson and GG Allin?" She laughed, handing the iPod back to the blonde.

"Hey guys, should we invite Malibu Barbie to go see Silent Hill 2 with us?" Alec smiled while Kyle nodded his head vigorously.

"Well, Barbie, looks like you have a packed weekend."

The only thing Chelsea could think was 'How on earth am I going to get away from the house?'

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