I love you. There. Now you know. From the beginning, but I only realized this yer. Best friends. I knew you better than I knew myself. I knew you knew I loved you. I knew I didn't have a chance with someone like you. You were too beautiful- and always someone else's. But when I saw you with him, seeing him draw you in with every note that vibrated off his guitar, watching you watch him, devouring him with your eyes, seeing him pulling you tight against his chest with his arm ('cause even he knew you wouldn't sty his forever), almost feeling the way his pulse must have drummed through your ears as you helped him up, seeing the way you thought I didn't know- but I knew.

And I knew I didn't have chance, but it made me want to grow stronger and taller than him, make you laugh more then he did, play the guitar better then he did so you'd watch me like I'dbeen the one to pull the stars from the sky in stead of him- I wanted to grab you and tare you way from him so I could finely boast and yell and scream; "Look, I'm better than him, (so please don't leave me.")