He follows her everywhere. At least, it seems like it. She's made playlist upon playlist about him, and even though shes not 'in' love with him, anymore, it's a lot more much this time. She thinks it's because this time around, he's not just a concept, a forbidden Romeo to her tom boyish Juliet. No, this time around, it's more- well, she sees him, and thinks 'the drugs' and 'you're beautiful' and 'why?' She sees his statues on facebook (all about being stoned and drunk and waking up in through up and sweat and sew-but not with her- and therapy) and she wants to feed him milk and cookies and just hug him, but, of course, just is the worst word to use.

But when people ask, when she's holding him up and it's her that's the only one stopping him from getting a massive concussion on the floor because he's so damn high and all of his 'friends' have totally deserted him because the only reason his 'friends' hang around with him is to get high and have sex and take his money and then dump him on her doorstep or wherever else she is at the moment (he put her as his 'emergency contact' on his cell, which was stupid because she's 15 and a moron)-

"Just friends" She clarifies, "Some days, not even that"

They're such a sight, though, that there's absolutely no chance of convincing anyone of that.