I ran out my door and headed outside into the also warm air. It was always around 70 degrees outside and the gold sky was turning kind of dark blue.

I ran across the silky grass to the little hill, where I usually watched the beautiful sunset with Tyson.

He beat me there today; he was still working down in town.

We were both sixteen now (technically) and we were living on the amazing earth God created for us chosen ones. We arrived two year ago. God was very gracious and generous; houses were already built and food was already here. Everyone was happy and it was way better here than in at the old earth. No more fights, no more alcohol and drugs, no more rapes, no more rude people. It was all behind us.

Of course, a new world came with new ways of life. God had made it so that every person could only live one hundred years. So I now had eighty-four years of life left with Tyson. We had absolutely no responsibilities what so ever. Money; it doesn't exist here. Of course, some of the older chosen ones (the ones that were like eighteen and nineteen) already started repopulating. We were now down to three babies I think. Since, ninety-nine of us have come here (it would have been one hundred but that one Chinese boy wasn't able to save his chosen one) that means some people have joined together and had a baby. Of course, their guardian is still their best friend, but they have fallen in love with other people. The elders and God were both mildly surprised that Jonathan and I had fallen in love with our chosen ones. This is the first time it has happened it one million years. We were also indestructible now. There was no more pain and suffering…no more fires.

As suspected, when I reached the hill he was already there, his back to me; sitting in the soft grass. I sat down next to him wordlessly and he wound one strong arm around my waist. I smiled and he pulled my closer. Tyson looked a little different now. His hair was darker and he was bigger (obviously) with strong muscles that I absolutely loved. He had grown about almost a foot since eighth grade. He was like a giant.

"It's so beautiful." He murmured. And it was. The sunset was amazing. We were so used to the orange and red sunset but now it was goldish-blue.

"It is." I murmured as I stared up at the big, white moon that was starting to appear.

Tyson turned to look at me with a serene smile on his face. He looked so peaceful when he was like this.

"Do you think they are up there some where?" I asked in a whisper.

Tyson tightened his grip. He didn't ask to know I was talking about our family. I was a subject we talked about a lot. "I know they are."

I watched in silence as a few tears escaped his eyes. Thinking of his sister and his brother made him cry. A lot. But he was still trying to get over the fact that they were dead.

"You know God is taking care of them." I added in a softy voice, snuggling into the crook of his neck.

He sighed. "Yes I do. But even if they aren't here right now, at least we are together."

I smiled up into his shining blue eyes. Very deliberately, Tyson very slowly bent down to kiss me very passionately.

Though we were both human now, the physical need and want for him was still strong. We never fought. Ever. All I wanted was him and nothing else. I would give up anything if that's what it took to stay with him for the rest of eternity.

I pulled away a few short moments later, teasing him. He grinned and lurched forward again; his lips were against mine with a crushing force. He knotted his hands in my hair, as if he could hold my face permanently to his. I didn't object to this. Tyson's lips were soft on mine, but with urgency I completely understood.

He pulled away a minute later, the smirk on his face so pronounced you could see it miles away. "We should probably head in." He murmured at the sky.

I looked up to and realized that the whole sky was now totally dark blue, with little traces of gold still left. I smiled. Time seemed to go by when Tyson and I were doing stuff like that.

I jumped up and pulled Tyson with me. We walked quietly, feeling the cool grass slip up between our toes. It was difficult to see the house at first but after a moment I saw its dark outline.

"Race you there!" I said quickly as I let go of his hand and sprinted towards the house. I knew I didn't have a chance though, Tyson was fast.

"That's not fair you cheater!" He laughed and I heard him run towards me.

I fortunately made it to the door, with him right on my tail. I managed to poke the door with my out stretched hand before he grabbed me around my waist. He spun my in big circles in the air.

"Put me down!" I giggled.

Tyson chuckled and set my on the ground so he could kiss me. I didn't hesitate as I reached up on the tip of my toes to reach his face. He gripped my waist with one hand and, without letting go, opened the door.

Our lips still connected, pulled me through the door way swiftly. He stopped for a moment so he could kick the door closed.

I smiled under his lips.

He pulled away and smiled back. He didn't kiss my again, but he did scoop my up off my feet so he could take me to the bedroom.

I hadn't realized how tired I was until I saw where he was taking me. "How did you know-"

"Your eye lids were drooping." A small smile took place on his lips.

I yawned. "I don't understand why I'm so tired."

He shrugged. "I don't know either. All we did was hang around town all day with Jonathan and Natalie." Jon and Natalie lived in town with all of the other people. Natalie had grown her hair out to about half way down her back. She didn't have that round face she had in eighth grade; it was now more evenly proportioned. Jon had cut his hair a little shorter than the usually style. And like Tyson, he had grown very tall. He was bonier than Tyson, but still as strong.

I nodded my head but said nothing.

Tyson opened our bedroom door and set me on the ground. He immediately went to the bathroom and shut the door. This was normal procedure. He had been getting dressed in there for a while ever since we decided we weren't going to do…anything until we were older. We didn't really want to be tempted while watching each other get undressed.

I shuffled to the large closet and pulled down a blue calf length night gown. I flung it on the bed and started to strip down. After I was done, I piled all of the clothes into my arms and dropped them in the laundry basket. Even if we were invincible now, we still got dirty.

I drifted over to the bathroom and tapped lightly on the door. Tyson soon after opened it and came out. He was wearing his favorite blue pajama pants. He had no shirt on. It was hard to focus on him when he was shirtless. I used my hand to trace the perfect planes of his muscular chest.

He sighed and grabbed my hand. He held it to his face while keeping his eyes closed. After a long moment, his glorious blue eyes opened. "We should probably get to bed."


I pulled up the covers and lay down under them. Tyson, who slept closes to the door, did the same thing too.

I had my back to him but he wrapped one arm around my waist and pulled me against his warm body. I grinned and snuggled closer to him.

I had some things I wanted to talk about with him. "Tyson?" I asked quietly, secretly hoping that he was already asleep and didn't hear me.

"Mmh?" He answered while kissing the back of my neck.

I sighed a jagged breath. "When do you think…" I gulped. "we can have a…baby?"

Tyson didn't answer right away and I tensed.

He laughed. "Alexa, there is nothing to be scared of so relax. I'm not going to get mad."

My shoulders dropped a little but not much. "Well?" I whispered.

He was silent again, but after a moment then he spoke. "When would you like to have a baby?" he asked, throwing my words back at me.

I shrugged in the darkness. "I was just wondering." I didn't want him to know how bad I wanted to really have one. After seeing Eric's and Nomika's baby, I found that I desired to have my own. When I have one, I want it to look just like Tyson. I want it to have the same blue eyes and the same brown hair. Even the same smiled, with no interference from me. Just a little Tyson.

"Soon." He breathed and it took all my strength not to turn around and see his expression.

I sighed, having a feeling that the subject was closing. But still, I wanted to talk about it more.

"Alexa, you can tell me anything." Tyson said his voice suddenly soft.

"Well…it's just…I don't know," I struggled for the right words that he wouldn't take to offense.

He chuckled quietly. "Alexa what is it?"

I took a deep breath before I spoke. The words flooded out like a dam broke. "It just seems like you don't want a baby but I don't want to force you into it. I know that you say you do but sometimes it seems like you're just stalling. I don't mean to sound rude or offensive but I just want to know why. And I don't want you to think that I'm mad or impatient but I'm just afraid-"

Tyson rolled me onto my back so he could silence me with his lips. It took him a minute to get a response out of me, but when he did, I could almost hear him smiling. When he stopped, his eyes were suddenly serious.

"Alexa, I do want to have a baby. But I want to do it when we're just a little older. I want us to still be young while we are. I'm not mad at you what so ever. I'm just being cautious. I don't want you to do anything you're not ready for." His sincere words made me feel a little guilty for doubting him.

"Just being cautious. I'll have to remember that." I muttered under my breath.

Tyson's laughing made the bed vibrate. I felt relived that he wasn't upset with me. "Alexa?"

My eyes widened at the change of his voice. "Yes?"

"I love you."

I grinned in the darkness. "I love you too."