It's morning. I had just woken up and was waiting for Tyson to get out of the bathroom. It was really early, so earlier that barely anyone would be awake, but Tyson and I were so excited that we could hardly sleep. I barely slept a wink.

He was out of the bathroom now, wearing the nice-non ripped jeans I picked out and his nice black shirt. Tyson with his giant size and dark skin looked odd in any other color that black or any dark color.

I was wearing strapless dress that went to my knees. The whole thing was covered with five thick stripes that were various blues and greens. Along with that, I was wearing white heels. My hair was curled and when I walked they bounced, making me look happier.

When I was done in the bathroom, I skipped out and grabbed hold of Tyson's hand. We were going to tell Natalie and Jonathan right away. I just hoped that they were already awake.

That small hope vanished as I saw the sun was just beginning to rise over the horizon.

Oh well, it looks like they'll just have to wake up.

The walk to their house felt like the longest walk in the history of the earth. I just wanted to sprint as fast as I could to their doorstep, but Tyson told me I had to be patient.

When we were finally in front of the house of Jonathan and Natalie, I tapped on the door quickly several times.

I heard someone shuffling on the floor and then it stopped. Natalie answered the door wearing a pink bathrobe.

She squinted at me and then her eyes widened in surprise. "What are you guys doing here so early-"

"I'm pregnant!" I exploded suddenly, interrupting her sentence.

Tyson and I stood there as we watched shock cross her face. Natalie's jaw dropped and a hurt look crossed her expression. What?

After a moment of looking at her doormat, her heavy gaze landed on me. "You're pregnant?" She asked to clarify it.

I nodded in quick, bobbing movements with a big grin still on my face.

Right then, Jonathan came up behind her. He too was in a robe, but his was green. He blinked. "Oh, hey guys."

"Natalie barely paid attention to him. Her face turned furious, her cheeks went red. I watched Tyson's face fall. What was going on?

"Well, isn't that dandy?" Her voice was harsh and thick with sarcasm.

My smile faded. "Nat, what's-"

And then like a bomb, she went off. "I told you that Jonathan and I were going to have a baby and now you're having one? Really? I can't believe you!" She screamed and Jon had to hold her back, his face grim. I could tell he agreed with her.

"Natalie, calm down." I heard him whisper in her ear as I took a step back.

"Leave. Now." Nat's voice was chopped as she turned and slammed the door in our faces.

I looked up at Tyson on the verge of tears. He shrugged, his face startled.

I couldn't believe what just happened.

PLEASE READ! This story will be on hold for a while. I'm sorry for not updating for so long, but there was some family matters going on so I never had the time. Updates will be a little slower. Sorry.