things to miss about camp

the pain and stretch in your thighs going uphill. the way the grass was green in the morning, and yellow later on. how the water was polka-doted and bi-polar, hot and old all over. the way every fork and knife and spoon were each from a completely different set, and how half of them were bent in all sorts of painful looking directions. the people and councilors and fields of bubbly faces and everyone laughing and laughing and doing their own thing. illegal coffee. ex-boyfriends and ex-loves and ex-whatever and who-the-hell-cares-anymore-it-was-two-years-ago-we're-friends? staying out past curfew. popcorn in little wax cups, five pieces in each. the five hour lines for cough drops-sore throats. tanning, burning, and the disgusting sunscreen no one ever wore because it was like putting a slug all over you skin. the way people met and bonded and formed relationships more powerful and warm and close than the friendships they've had with people they've know for seven years, because the people at home they'd be friends with for eternity, but the people at camp- they only have another two and a half weeks or so. being frozen in the splits over the lunch table. snuggling on the couch, holding hands behind each others backs so other people couldn't see. how the dirt stuck to your feet, no matter how many times you washed them. dances. jamming. the way everyone acted way more metro-sexual and lovey-lovey and slutty at camp then they would anywhere else. spooey. long talks in the infirmary, instructing your fellow bed mates to let only certain visitors in, and that if so-and-so comes in, tell him you're dead or asleep, either one. would-be skinny dipping, if only you'd have had the balls. sharing showers. raids. disgusting camp food that is made better by smothering it with ketchup. 'cooties'. re-discovering what you like about yourself by random people at camp pointing it out - random compliments about you that you've never noticed before. how camp is practically a sex-ed class but funner and ten times more disgusting and explicit. crash courses on anything and everything, taught by anyone and everyone with a moderate interest in the subject, whether you like it or not.