Running. It always starts with running. I'm running; running fast. I run for a while, then I think, "What am I running from?" So I look behind me as I run. It's the darkness. I'm running from the dark that is chasinging me. I can see nothing and hear nothing comeing from the dark. I am afriad. I have no idea what's in there and that frightens me. If I knew, then I could be prepared for it, but I don't know so I run from it. Scared. After looking behind me, I run faster. Sweat and fear pouring from my every pore. I don't think, I just run. I can't tell left from right, but I don't care. I am to afriad of the dark. I am running too fast, I don't see the drop off in front of me. A cliff, I'm running from th dark on a cliff with a never ending drop off. But I don't know that so I keep running and running and running. Then I reach the end and I fall. Now I am falling. I am screaming too. Apparently the screaming makes the dark go faster and it jumps off to try and get while I am falling. I watch the dark jump, I scream louder. I am losing my vision; I am blacking out. I don't see what happens next, I am unconsious. But I know either the darkness will get me or I will die from the fall. I just hope the darkness doesn't get me, I fear it more then death.