Years after he dumps her, he over hears his old girlfriend consoling her friend.

"He just dumped me! No reason, no nothing."

Sobbing, this girl (his ex's best friend- those two were always together, interchangeable, soul sisters, everyone called them.) cried on his old girls shoulder. His ex was... beautiful; he regretted dumping her.

"Listen," his ex said "It won't get better.'

"What? But.. but I can't live like this!"

It... how would she know how that felt? If some boy hurt his girl (his old girl, his ex girl, not his anymore, maybe never his)...he didn't know what he'd do. But it couldn't be him, he couldn't hurt her. Yes, he'd dumped her ages ago, but he still cares about her. He doubts it was him; after he dumped her, she hadn't seemed to care. And if maybe knowing that she moved on so fast killed him a little, so what? He's allowed.

It's gonna hurt," she said, "It's gonna hurt worse than anything. And you won't move on, not really. You'll love him, maybe forever, but there'll be others. It'll hurt less, but it won't stop hurting, and you won't stop loving him."

He turned the corner, grabbed her by her constellation covered shoulders and whispered so quietly.

"What?" God... it was him- he did it. Damn it, he'd hurt her.

"I was just... just telling her about guy I used to know."

"Used to know? Used to know! Damn it, I'm right here. I've always been right here."

She flinched, her eyes cutting him like a knife, pleading for him to just let it go.

"Let it go."

"Do you love me?"

A sharp breath. She sagged against him, her head hiding in his collarbone, burrowing away from the rest of the world, from him. The other girl had left awhile ago; she knew her soul sister, and this was what her soul sister needed.

"Please... just; I … a-"

He cut her off. She didn't need to answer, he knew; he wasn't stupid, he could read between the lines. He held her instead, gave her his body for comfort, held her as she 'didn't' cry about him , 'didn't' cry about boy she loved. She 'didn't' cry, and he hated himself.