They keep hitting me. The first blow hurt, and the second, and now the tenth. But I can't make them stop. I've tried. It's completely useless. My nose is bleeding, both of my eyes black, and my knees scraped. They can do worse, in fact they have. They will again.

Next comes the teasing, the mocking. What is the name of the day? "FREAK! YOU DESERVE THIS!" Ah, so that's the word of the day. Don't get me wrong it hurts, but it's become a pattern.

The group, obviously frustrated at not getting me to try and run, picked up some rocks off the ground. I don't what they're doing to be truthful. They glare at me, and whisper for a few minutes. Then they nodded, they came up with something. My instincts tell me to run and hide. But I won't, they don't scare me. Then they threw them. Different sized chunks of broken pavement are thrown at me. At first I dodged, and then they got me. It hurt, and I couldn't help but squeal in awful pain. Satisfied they threw again, this time all hit. So far no head shots, but they're getting close. I close my eyes; I know what's going to happen before the rock is released. It goes whistling through the air, and then a loud crack breaks out. My skull, first I black out. Slowly –and painfully- leaving this world. Then my fading turns to nothing. I am dead.

I had many I loved, and those who loved me. My mom, my dad, my brother, and a few others. Now they'll never see me again, and I won't see them. I should have told what was going on, but I listened to their threats, that was very foolish of me.

STOP BULLYING! I have been bullied since forever, and it's hard to stick up by yourself. But it's even harder to tell someone. If you're bullied then tell someone they need to know. And it'll help more than you thought.