Jeannie had recently discovered those vacuum-seal plastic storage bags, and was enthused about how they could save closet storage space by removing the air from bulky items such as sweaters and blankets, enabling their storage in the off-season in a much smaller space than would otherwise be possible simply by sucking out the air from the bag and the item with a vacuum cleaner. When the item was again desired for use, one simply removed a sealing vacuum plug, air re-entered the bag and the item, it re-inflated to normal size, and was again ready for use.- -Ingenious, and so convenient, thought Jeannie.- -What could be easier? And who couldn't use more additional storage space?

Well, Jeannie struggled a bit to get her bulky item into the heavy plastic bag, but the triple-extra-large size was intended for just this purpose, and was worth every penny! Jeannie closed the plastic zipper on the see-through bag, attached her vacuum cleaner hose to the bag's portal, and flipped the vacuum's switch. The powerful machine hummed to life, and immediately began extracting the air from both the bag and her item, with both compressing nicely in size and flattening out. The hum of the vacuum's motor changed in pitch after just a few minutes, indicating that it had extracted all of the air that it could, and that the bag was ready to be sealed. Jeannie quickly snatched away the vacuum cleaner's hose, inserted the sealing rubber plug, and looked at her finished effort.

The heavy plastic bad had molded itself tightly around her item, which was clearly visible through the bag and hard to the touch, but in a compressed and perfect state of preservation. Jeannie touched her mother's cheek through the plastic, smiling slightly at the startled expression on the old woman's face. Mother's Day had passed just a short time ago, and it was time to put the old gal into storage. Elderly parents could be so demanding, and Jeannie wanted to be free to enjoy her summer. Father's Day would be at hand in just a few more weeks, and then Dad could join her Mom in vacuum bag storage. It was so much cheaper than putting them in a nursing home and ultimately kinder to them as well, don't you think?

Jeannie planned on getting her parents out of vacuum bag storage around Thanksgiving time to have them out for the holidays. Now perhaps if she could just lure her troublesome younger brother into a vacuum bag as well until she decided what to do with him; he was such a bother, and didn't really seem to know what to do with his life...