To a Lost Friend, by Eleanor Gray

Every time I look around,
See a muddy patch of ground,
I think of you, the fun we had,
I think of all those times gone bad.

Why did we grow up so fast?
Our friendship, aside we cast,
Slowly drifting to different roads,
Backs supporting separate loads.

I still wait fo'you to crack a pun,
finish my sentence before I'm done,
My heart feels heavy and empty, hence,
A combination that makes no sense.

Would it be true for me to say,
that my head and heart are in disarray,
that my whole life is Upside-down,
shaken in a bowl, by a dancing clown.

For if I get never a letter, never a call,
and you're out of touch, beyond the wall,
I'm missing you—if you came back...
Now I'm thinking of what I lack.

My life is broken, a million pieces,
my heart throbs and never ceases,
something's missing from my world,
as strong wind around me whirled.

I need you here right now, my friend,
come back, or perhaps a letter send,
Could it be, your steps I hear,
coming through, loud and clear.

A figure steps past door frame,
your head held down in sincere shame,
you have come back to me at last!
Now come on in, out of the blast.