Colton stared at me, his hazel eyes holding my blue eyes. He brushed a strand of my thick hair away from my face. "Don't cry, Jase. They're just losers."

I sniffed. "Now the whole school will hate me."

He leaned in, his eyes closing, and pressed his warm lips against mine. His fingertips slid down my cheek, my neck, down my arm, and took my hand. He pulled back and gave me a gentle smile. "Trust me, okay? The won't."

I laid my head on his shoulder and nodded. I could try to make it. I could try to survive this. Colton was here for me, wasn't he?

"I'll take you home." He said, rubbing my back.

I didn't say anything on the ride home. I laughed as I walked up the sidewalk. "It's been a long night."

"Oh, you can only say that when you have to clean up an entire house." Colton said, sighing. His parents would ground him for months after they saw the mess. Colton wasn't much on cleaning so the mess would be easily found.

"I wish I could stay and help." I said, genuinely sorry. I wasn't really doing anything at home. I had paid my fifteen year old brother, Matthew, to watch our little sister, Brielle, all night. It was no easy task, watching her. So I could only imagine the mess I'd be getting home to.

"No, don't worry about it. Liam should be home any minute. Maybe I can coax him into helping me." He said, shrugging.

I unlocked the door and looked back at him. "See you tomorrow."

He kissed me once more before winking at me and walking back to his car.

He kissed me tonight, really kissed me. Was there something more to us than just being friends? He never told me anything would change. So was it just a kiss?

Brielle whined before she started screaming her head off. I groaned and threw my pillow over my head. Couldn't she just wait another hour?

She continued crying as if no one was home but me. I gritted my teeth and got to my feet. I headed into her room across the hall and picked her up.

She stopped crying then and she jammed her finger into her mouth. She rested her head against my chest and kept quiet.

I can honestly never remember this happening with Matt. He was always the quiet child. Always.

I carried her back to my room and groaned. It was five o'clock. No use going back to sleep. My alarm would only wake me up half an hour later.

I trudged downstairs and padded into the kitchen. I flipped the lights on and set Brielle on the counter beside the fridge. "Stay."

I got one of her cups from the cabinet above her and filled it with milk. I put it in the microwave and set the time for a minute.

I took out the pint of chocolate ice cream and grabbed a spoon before pulling up a chair beside Brielle on the counter.

She sat silently, drinking from her cup. It was funny how I was the one to stop her tears, to make her feel better. Was it my job from the beginning?

"Are you gonna let me sleep in tomorrow or do we have to this again?" I asked her.

She giggled behind her cup. Yeah, I'd be waking up tomorrow.

"What are you two doing awake?" Mom asked, scuffling her feet into the kitchen. Her hair was a mess though it was so short that didn't really make a difference. She look tired and yawning was only justifying that.

"You didn't hear her at all?" I asked. She had to be faking all this. She definitely had her door shut so she wouldn't hear Brielle wake up. She was purposefully making me take care of my own sister. Nice job, mom.

"Sorry, I was sleeping." That was the best she could do?