Use of cacophony and dissonance to create chaos and tension in this piece. Cacophony is the use of hard consonant sounds (k, g, c, etc.) where dissonance is the use of off-vowel sounds with single syllable words.

Tin's Dream

June 5, 2012


Tin slips reckless down a

deadly vivid dream. The call of

wildfire. Branches snapping,

flick burning embers out at

crackling angles. A bonfire party.


A cannibal roast, a bad dream yanks

a silent scream from little Tin's air-

burnt throat. Grubby fingers in the

tangled underbrush, stacked imps with

sharp pickaxes parading crudely about.


Panic stamps its way across the ground

and poor Tin, the childish dreamer, runs back

head first to a trap. Snickers in the trees,

Tin thinks they can probably see. How sharp,

their pointy axes? How quick their hatchet throws?


Turgid limbs slow frightened Tin, whose

gaudy friends are close behind. Their gay

hurrah's, their hungry shouts tumble sharp

from ground and sky- thickly gargled savage

conversation. Where to run? Tin's not got long.


A blast of pain behind the knee

numbs the senses. Sluggish and sore,

his limbs collapse. Crawling in the scratchy

weeds, he head for vines and bark.

Imps and arrows bury sharp their

miniature ammunition, their tiny hurt.


Tin is tired once again, the abrupt return of

pre-slumber states make dying by fireside

a less troubled way to go. "Naps," said Ma,

"It's time for your naps now, boy..."

Tin wakes to chores and troubles,

the scent of burning in the air,

the imps and their pinpricks fresh on his skin.