The Survivor

You stand on stage and

talk about the horrors you had

lived through in the

Auschwitz camp.

You had watched your mother, sister and

best friend die much to

your disbelief.

You were young, only 13.

A dancer.

Which is why the men decided

to let you live.

You danced your way to freedom,

out of the horrible.

As you speak, I picture

the terrible details of your

memories in my mind

not wanting to believe

this happened.

But it did.

So I applaud you, Survivor.

I applaud because you are strong.

You retell the nightmare to the audience,

without a single tear.

As I remember this encounter

with you, Survivor, I think of

how brave you were in

times of despair.

And knowing that you survived this,

makes me feel that we as humans

can survive