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All It Takes
By: 4everandalwaysme

You fake a smile,
But a tear escapes your eye.
The thoughts overwhelm you,
And you will yourself not to cry.

With the bright light streaming
And the sun shining down,
This is all it takes
To make you drown.

Drowning in the sadness
Of everything in your life.
Dreaming of the day
You return from all the strife.

That day may never come
But I figured you should dream.
About the day that this would end,
Despite what it may seem.

I want you to laugh your gorgeous laugh,
Brighten a life with your smile,
But we know it all too well.
We won't see that for a while.

With the cold winds blowing
And the voices in your head,
This is all it takes
To make you fill with dread.

But I'll lift you up
And soon you'll see
The life you've changed
Just by talking to me.

You'll see my eyes light up
In worry and concern,
But you'll be stubborn, keep away,
The answers that I yearn.

You'll give a healf-hearted laugh,
And fake a playful pout,
But I see through your facade,
Though I don't show you all my doubt.

With the waves crashing,
And the moon beaming,
The darkness falls,
Along with your silent screaming.

You may not make a sound,
But I know when you're in pain,
So I'll sit with you in silence
Until your strength can be regained.

I'll take you in my arms
And we'll look like we belong,
And for once in a very long time,
Maybe that won't be wrong.

Then, the sun rises
With the horizon lying thin.
And this beauty is all it takes
To make you form a grin.

And you'll laugh that wonderful laugh,
And smile the smile I've come to love.
Then, when I'm alone,
I'll thank the Lord above.

You might try to push me away again,
But I won't let you get away.
I'll be by your side, now knowing
That was all it takes.

I thought of the idea and hurried to type it up. I'm happy with how it turned out, and I would love to hear your feedback.

Forever and Always,

June 06, 2012