A/N: This is about searching for something or someone, worth facing your demon for.

The darkness


Avenging Angel 17

Have you ever woke up to a complete stranger

But to find that stranger yourself

In darkness of your mind has taken over your reality

Where the Visions consume you

Sinking down to your very core

In wait of someone or something to bring from darkness of hell

To be your lighthouse guide your way home

Sometime you never find that person or something

Until then if it ever come

You're on your own

Fighting your demons inside of yourself

With each battle you find small pieces of yourself

Other time find hope that you escape

From this darkness of your mind

There are people who have the same battle with their own demon

Some people reduce to drugs drinking cutting to only ease the pain

Other keep fighting even knowing that they're losing

With in these people they are looking for there own lighthouse

To guide their way home from darkness with in themselves

Some of this people do find there own lighthouse

And this gives others hope that they will find there own lighthouse will guide home

With in these lighthouses they might be someone or something worth over come your demons for