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Between mind and reality


Avenging Angel 17

Close your eyes

Vision star fill night

Watch as city light fading into morning sun

Listen to freedom of course wind it blow through darkness of your mind

Smell sweet scent of wild flowers mix into the pouring rain

Taste Adventure of unknown

Touch of the course wind blows cross your face

Feel spirit of live still yet be discover

Take this vision of this world as it's

Open your eyes to the world

Live life like it's your last day with no regrets or what if's

Let go pain of lost you once felt

If you never felt that pain

You never ever know true happiness of being there with someone

In life some people come in to your live for only a season

Others will be there for long intern

With in these people they leave scars

With in these scars create they create the person your met to be

It's like a game of Russian runlet you never knowing what next will shot have for you