If only you knew
what you just made me do.
If only you knew, out of your selfish greed,
I went into my bathroom and made myself bleed.

You don't have scream at me until I cry,
every second of it wishing I could die.
You don't have to hate one me every day,
telling me I'm a fuck up in every way.

How can I love someone like you,
someone who hates me? You know it's true.
How can I stand there accepting the hurt,
while you shove me down in the dirt?

You're someone I'm supposed to respect,
and, in turn, I only get neglect.
You're someone I'm supposed to love.
Isn't violence something you're supposed to rise above?

Do you remember when I daddy's little girl?
Do you remember helping me twirl?
Do you remember holding me tight,
telling me everything would be alright?

What did I ever do so wrong?
Why haven't you held me in so long?
Daddy, you're the reason I bleed.
Your love is something that I need.

I starve myself to see you smile,
something I haven't seen in a while.
I burn myself to make you happy,
considering your mood is always crappy.

But tonight, you pushed me over the edge.
I'm barely hanging on to the ledge.
You screamed at me throughout the night,
telling me it's my fault we always fight.

Daddy, I'm sorry, but you're someone I hate.
Your love came a little too late.
Leave me alone so I can cry,
fighting off the urge to die.

You're the reason that I bleed,
because your love is something I need.
You're the reason that I burn,
your love is something for which I yearn.

You're the reason I starve myself,
never taking food down from the shelf.
You're the reason that I cry,
and the reason that I'll die.

So scream at me, dad.
I haven't been bad.
I'll take all your blows.
How long I'll stay alive? No one knows.

Maybe seventy years, or maybe one week.
My death is something that you seek.
You hate me, dad. We all know.
You leave me hanging, with no place to go.

I take all your glares, you see the pain in my eyes.
Why won't you ever listen to my cries?
You know I hurt, you know I'm not okay,
but I guess you like it that way.

I deserve the hurt, I deserve the pain.
Your love is something I'll never gain.
When I die, I think you'll smile.
I hope my death is worth your while.