This is probably the only author's note I do the entire story unless I feel I have to make a note. Well, I wrote this originally on my iPhone, so the paragraphs are shorter, but I doubt anyone will mind. The POV will switch from Kat to Leon every other chapter (and sometimes within the chapter, but I'll put a memo up for those), but I feel you should be able to tell which is which.


I scrambled to my feet and managed to grab his sword before it was picked up. Standing in front of him, I took a deep breath and pointed the tip toward our assailants. It was a little big for me, and more than just a little heavy. Already my arms were burning with effort to keep it upright.

One of the orcs began to laugh at me. "And what are you going to do with that?"

"Kill you!" I gritted my teeth and made a wild swing at the orc's midsection. He stepped aside as the movement of the swing twisted me around and I fell to the ground.

"Well then, girl, you're going to have a lot of problems." He stood over me and motioned for his friends to join him.

I pushed myself into a sitting position, trying to clear my head. Leon's sword lay some feet away from me, outside the Orc circle, and I knew it would be hard getting it back. In the meantime, I started getting up.

Jaeger, for I then remembered the orc's name, stepped forward. He placed his foot against my chest and slammed me against the ground. "I hate it when a young thing like you goes to waste."

I swallowed hard as he took out his own blade and ran the tip along my jaw, turning my head to the side. A whimper forced itself up my throat when I felt the blood begin to slide down my skin. "W-waste?" I squeaked.

"Of course. Don't think you're the first maiden I've killed." Jaeger smiled then, showing off his crooked teeth.

The color drained from my face. If I didn't do something quick, then both Leon and I would be dead. I managed to ease my hand down to my waist where I kept a small, almost pen-knife sort of blade…

Jaeger raised his sword high above his head. Right before he thrust it down through my throat, I plunged my small knife into his leg. He stumbled backward just long enough for me to dive for Leon's weapon. I whirled around with it in hand just in time to parry another orc's blade.

I swiftly, or not so swiftly since the sword was so heavy, impaled the Orc through the stomach. Blood oozed from the wound and he slid off the blade. I wrinkled my nose in disgust. "Eugh… Leon's not going to be happy…"

Suddenly I felt someone pick me up by the neck of my shirt. I yelped in surprise and began thrashing around. Jaeger turned me so I was facing him. "So, a fighter, eh? Well, that's fine. We like a little sport before a meal."

I opened my mouth to say something when he tossed me to the side. I hit the ground like little more than a rag doll and lay groaning. Just as I was about to stand I was grabbed again and thrown a different direction. If tossing me around is an orc's idea of fun, I don't like it!

One of them threw me particularly far from the group. I saw the faint glint of Leon's sword behind them, and another shimmering object few feet from that… Gasping, I felt over my back. My sheath was still there, but my own sword had somehow fallen out. My eyes narrowed as I stood up.

As they came closer I ran far around them to scoop up my sword and dash back toward Jaeger. I was about to make my attack when an arrow whizzed by my arm, just barely catching it. I cried out in pain, looking around for the source. Stupid crossbow…

I lunged for the Orc responsible. He shot another, this one missing my leg by mere inches. Slashing downward, I cut across his chest. He stumbled backward before I plunged my blade into his heart, ripping it out just as fast in preparation for the next Orc.

As I fought, I was very glad that I had thought to bring my own weapon. My sword, unlike Leon's, was thinner and lighter than standard broadswords, but just as sharp. It allowed me to take full advantage of my speed instead of relying on power. For, why rely on something you don't have?

I left the third Orc moaning on the ground before turning to Jaeger. "You're the only one left."

He smirked and clapped for me. "I didn't think you'd manage to do all this. Unfortunately, it looks like it was worthless." He pulled out his great curved sword. "Prepare to die, human!"

I lunged at him foolishly. He sidestepped easily and slashed at me. Parrying the attack, I ducked out from under him and cut at his legs. He roared in anger as I managed to at least wound him somewhat. I saw his eyes flash dangerously and the next instant I was on the ground again.

The faint click of a crossbow went unnoticed by me until I was on my feet again. My eyes widened and I tried to twist out of the way of an oncoming arrow. It was no use; it embedded itself deeply in my side. I placed my hand over it, breaking the shaft in two and trying to ignore the pain. Jaeger chuckled deeply at my obvious discomfort, throwing the crossbow back on his dead comrade's corpse.

I tried to move quickly from him, but the arrow sent shockwaves of pain all through my body. I sank to my knees and whimpered in agony. He came right up to me, lifting my face up to his with his sword. "A true pity you have to go to waste. Oh well. We all have to eat."

He was about to run me through when I plunged my sword through his heart. He gasped; I twisted the blade around. With a soft gurgle of air, he fell back and off my blade. I sighed in relief.

I had done it. I managed to kill all four orcs single-handedly. I managed to protect my friend. My eyes widened at the thought. "Leon!"

Sheathing my sword (after wiping it off, of course) I limped over to where he lay motionless. "Leon…?" I knelt by his side and shook him gently. "Leon, can you hear me?"

He didn't move. The wind rustled his blonde hair, but beyond that he was absolutely still. A sob worked its way up and my eyes were brimmed with tears. "I… I was too late…"

I moved to go fetch his sword, the arrow digging deeper into my flesh. I screamed in pain and my hand flew to the spot. Warm blood coated my palm. I glanced at Leon. "I'm so sorry…" The scenery swirled around me in shades of black and grey and I hit the ground unconscious.

Something smelled like it was burning. My nose twitched; what was it? I then realized that it was wood, which meant that I smelled a normal fire.

My blue-green eyes fluttered open. Someone was above me, but my vision was still very fuzzy, making it impossible to see. "Huh…?"

"Don't move," They ordered gently.

I felt a wet cloth being pressed along my jaw. "L-Leon? Is that…?"

"Kat, don't talk, either. And yes, it's me." He chuckled lightly. "Wow, you must've had one heck of a time with those orcs."

My vision was slowly clearing and I could make out his face above me. The only visible injury I saw on him was a bruise forming around his right eye. "Leon! Are you all right?" I started to get up.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Lie down; you're the one I'm worried about." He pressed his hand against my shoulder and pushed me to the ground. "Kat, you know how hard it is to kill me. What made you think I'd honestly be hurt from this?"

"I… I don't know… I just got worried…" I sighed, nodding. "You're right. I was stupid."

He shook his head. "Not stupid; concerned. There's a difference." He felt over the cut on my jaw. "Well, I guess it's not so bad now that all the blood's gone."

Blood. I looked up at him. "What happened to the… The…"

"The arrow?"

"Yes, that."

He grinned and held up an arrow head. "You mean this arrow? It was in there pretty deep, but I got it out, obviously."

I felt over the place where it hit. My abdomen was tightly bandaged. "Leon, thank you. Very much."

"You're welcome, love." He moved back over to the fire and poked at the logs. "By the way, I told you I could pick you up."

My face heat up in a blush. "Uh… Indeed…" Clearing my throat, I propped myself up on my elbow weakly. "You know, um… I'm glad you're here. I know it gets awkward sometimes but… Well, I just feel safer with you here, to be honest." My strength gave out and I fell back with a groan.

He looked up from the fire at me. "You're the one that killed all those orcs today…"

"I know. But you're the one that's taken care of me since then." I smiled slightly.

Leon nodded his head and shook himself. "Kat, try to get some rest. It's late."

I shifted my weight into a more comfortable position and closed my eyes. "Good night then…"

"Good night. Sweet dreams."

I cracked one eye open to see that he was gazing over at me. I yawned softly and felt myself drifting off. The last thing I heard from him was a faint, "So cute…" before I was engulfed in a much friendlier blackness than earlier.

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