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A loud ringing woke me from my Johnny Depp and Andrew Lee Potts filled dreams, much to my disappointment. An arm flung out to crash down upon the stupid phone that the sound was emanating from, immediately causing great pain to come to my palm. I ignored that however, as the ringing of the alarm refused to disappear. I sat up, squinting at the lit up screen before throwing it at the ground. As expected, the battery pack fell out, and silence blessed my ears.

"Oh thank God," I moaned, collapsing back upon my pillow. But I was now awake, and sadly, had to get up. Forcibly evicting myself from my bed, I started the morning ritual of trying to find the door, or at least, the light switch.

I shuffled around blindly, hands out in front of me and groping around for the walls. A muffled thump met my ears and pain shot up my leg.

"Bloody buggering bollocks!" I cried out, dropping immediately to clamp my hand around my injured shin, the other feeling for what was in front of me. A heavy wooden chair.

Shins. Life's device for finding furniture in the dark.

"Emelia?" came my mother's voice, slightly muffled by the wall and sleep. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah Mum," I replied. "Peachy."

"You don't like peaches," she replied, sounding confused.

"Exactly," I muttered darkly, glaring at the darkness that surrounded me, before standing up again. I stumbled within moments, tripping over again, hitting the ground with a loud crash.

"Emelia?" came my mother's voice again, as she knocked on the door. "Are you sure you're fine?"

I groaned in pain and mum pushed open the door. The room flooded with light, and my mum looked on in concern at my somewhat crumpled body.

"Did you trip?" she asked.

"No mum," I replied quickly. "I was…"

My thoughts trailed off as I attempted to find an appropriate answer. "…testing gravity!" I replied with a forced smile. "Guess what? It works! Can we eat now?"

My mum looked to be hiding a smile as she nodded.

"Sure," she replied. "Can you get up? Or have your recent experiments with gravity left you crippled?"

For the second time in five minutes I pulled myself to my feet, ignoring the pain that radiated from the many bruises on my body.

"I'm good!" I replied quickly. "No lasting side effects from my earthshaking experiments! Not while there is food to be had! When it comes to homework, on the other hand…" I trailed off, getting sidetracked.

My mum just shook her head fondly, and followed me down the stairs.

My brother was already dressed and relaxing at the kitchen bench, phone in hand. No need to ask who he was texting this early in the morning, I already knew.

"Did Dominic die or hurt himself grievously overnight?" I asked, trying to keep the hopeful note out of my tone.

"You ask me that every morning," replied my brother, eyes not leaving the screen of his iPhone. "And every morning it's the same answer."

"So that's a no then…" I muttered, scowling slightly. "Life isn't fair."

"Save your melodramatics, Emelia," replied Mum. "Are you going to audition for the school play this year?"

I widened my eyes at my mother's sheer stupidity and managed to choke on nothing but air while my brother smirked. Dick.

"Are pigs flying?" I asked, my tone and face serious.

"Emelia," my mum's tone was stern. I scowled again.

"No, I am not auditioning for the school play," I answered properly.

"Why not?" asked mum. "You're a wonderful actress and you have a lovely voice."

My brother scoffed. "If lovely equates to cats wailing, then sure."

I flushed heavily.

"There is nothing wrong with my voice, Frederick!" I snapped. "And Mum, I do not get involved with school things!"

Frederick didn't reply, just smirked smugly, but Mum seemed determined to pursue this sinking conversation.

"But why? School things can be a lot of fun!"

"Yeah," I replied. "And so is getting stabbed repeatedly."

It was mum's turn to scowl. "I've had it with your sarcasm," she started her voice rising.

Uh oh. I could feel a lecture in the wind.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!" I rushed out quickly. "But I really don't want to be in the school play and I really want to eat if that's alright?"

My mother sighed, and started mixing whatever food she was making. "I don't know what I ever did to get landed with you two," she mumbled.

I shuddered. That was not something I liked to think about. I kept myself distracted for the next little while by flicking the crumbs left on the table at my brother, snickering slightly when they landed.

An eyebrow raised slowly as Fred became aware of what I was doing.

"Will you stop?" he drawled, lifting his eyes from his screen to give me a pointed look.

I pretended to deliberate over it for a moment when really I was just imagining what he'd look like with clown make up. Random, I know, but how else was I meant to amuse myself?

"Probably not," I answered, shrugging my shoulders. "Sorry."

Fred's lips twitched.

"Yeah," he said. "You sound real apologetic."

Sarcasm fairly dripped from his voice. In fact, I got up to peer at his iPhone screen. A bemused expression adorned his face.

"What are you doing?" he asked, his tone bewildered with a heavy undercurrent of curiosity.

"Checking to see if any of your sarcasm dripped onto your phone," I replied, a bright and vapid smile twisting my mouth.

My brother scowled, and while most people would be utterly freaked out by my antics, he was used to it.

"And did any?" he asked, attempting to keep his tone polite.

"Oh to be sure," I replied. "Quite a lot. A pressing thing you shall have to rectify immediately."

His eyes rolled, and I decided to bother him further. I pressed a hand to his forehead immediately.

"Are you okay?" I cried. "Is the fever burning you up inside? Are you about to-"

I would have gone on, but mum cut me off with her announcement that the food was ready.

My attention shifted away from my brother and to the food instantly, and I started devouring the eggs and bacon.

"Slow down," commanded my mother. "You'll get indigestion."

"I never have before," I pouted.

"A bloody miracle," she muttered before raising her voice. "I'm just going to go have my shower," she informed my and my brother. "I expect you to be gone by the time I get out."

I nodded dutifully, as did my brother.

"Sure thing mum," he replied.

After breakfast I scurried around getting clothed and brushing my hair into a ponytail. It didn't take long. I didn't bother with make up. I had nothing against it, I just never could be arsed taking the time to put it on.

"Are you ready yet?" hollered my brother from outside the front door.

"Nearly!" I bellowed back, as per our usual morning routine. I shoved my feet into my battered combat boots before half tripping down the stairs. I scooped my bag up, and bolted out the door, locking it behind me.

I pulled open the passenger door and slid in.

Yet again, Fred raised an eyebrow at me.

"Isn't it Dom's day today?" he asked.

I grinned.

"Yes," I replied. "However, he stole my spot last week on the way home. Therefore, I am within my rights to take his now."

"God," sighed my brother. 'Why do you two insist upon acting like kindergarteners?"

I didn't dignify that with an answer, and my brother didn't press as we drove out of the driveway. It was only a few minutes until we got to Dominic's house. I smirked smugly, imagining his expression when he saw me on the front seat.

It lived up to the hype. Dominic's handsome (yes, I admit the prat's face was handsome) face twisted into a scowl.

"What are you doing in my seat?" he huffed, bag slung over one shoulder. "Get out!"

"No can do," I replied cheerfully. "You stole my seat last Thursday. Ain't payback a bitch?"

Dominic ignored the second part of my statement.

"I did not!" he said indignantly.

"Yep, you did," I retorted. "Think back."

He didn't appear to take my advice, instead looking to Fred for help.

"Whoa," said Fred in response to Dominic's look. "I am not getting involved in a petty argument between you two."

"I'm not moving," I informed Dominic.

Scowling at me, he opened the back door and climbed in. I didn't fight the triumphant grin that stretched across my face as we started on the way to school.