Finn Starks ran in the shallow water of the sea, feeling the splashes of salty water on his legs. His short blonde hair fluttered around in the breeze, and his blue eyes gave him a childish look, even though he was already 13. He couldn't help but let a laugh escape his lips, for he was always happy by the ocean.

He glanced down at the digital waterproof watch on his wrist, and noticed it was a few minutes until low tide. That was his favorite time, because he loved to look at what hid under the waves. Before, he had found shells, starfish, and even an old tire once.

Finn looked at the sea and saw a man. The man had long hair, but Finn couldn't see the eyes from the distance he was at. He was lying on the water in an odd way, with his back on the water, but his legs were hidden under the water. The man was floating very slowly towards Finn.

Two minutes left until low tide.

Finn watched the man with curious interest. He bobbed up and down in the waves, and to Finn he kind of looked surprised about something. Maybe when low tide came he would go talk to the man.

One minute until low tide.

The waves were rocking the man, and Finn didn't know how he could stay up without appearing to tread in water. Suddenly, Finn watched in shock as the man flipped over and under the waves.

Finn reacted quickly. He ran into the water and began to kick and paddle against the waves to the man. Finn saw his arm below the water and grabbed it. He pulled the man up, and took him back to shore by dragging him back. The man was surprisingly light.

Maybe too light.

Finn got back to the shore quickly since it was low tide by then. He continued to drag the man until he reached a spot where the waves wouldn't touch him.

Finn turned to ask the man if he was okay.

But the moment Finn saw the man, the only thing he could do was scream.

The man had no eyes, just empty holes where eyes should be. His hair was hair was entangled with a dead octopus attached to short chunks of hair. Everything from the hip down was ripped clean off, and some of the organs were falling out of the body.