So, this is a little story I wrote a few years back. I found it in my files and nothing else is going to happen to it, so i decided to put it on here. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter One

Camping in the Yard

The sky was bright orange and the clouds were no where. The coyotes were howling and rabbits were going to bed. It was a cool night and the sun was retreating. Connor Amaze, otherwise known as the Amazing Connor, was changing into his PJ's, getting ready for a night under the stars.

You see, Connor is going camping with his dad in the backyard. Connor's little sister Molly is staying inside, as she's too scared to go. Connor had said to her earlier, "There will be bears, bugs, and Bigfoots!", and she believed him.

Connor got into his pajamas and brushed his teeth. This way, that way, this way, and over the tongue, two minutes seemed like forever. Finally, he finished getting ready and raced downstairs. When downstairs, Connor snatched up his flashlight and dashed outside to meet his father in the tent.

Connor's dad had already set up sleeping bags and lanterns. He was just fluffing up pillows when Connor walked in.

"Hey Dad," Connor said, as he set his flashlight down.

"How you doing son?", Connor's dad asked, "Ready to become an outdoorsman?"

"You bet!" exclaimed Connor. Then he realized he'd forgotten his lucky stuffed beaver, Bucky. Connor glanced at his dad who seemed to be giving him that "Oh well" look. "

But dad," Connor protested, "I can't sleep without him!"

"Sorry kiddo," Connor's dad said, "We're acting like real campers tonight, and real campers can't go home and get something they forgot. They have to deal with the consequence." Connor said O.K. then slid into his sleeping bag. What was he going to do without Bucky? He always slept with him and nothing went wrong when he was with him. It just wouldn't be the same.